Schedule Slip / Magazines

  • Brazilian magazine SET had a terrible 2009. First, the publisher closed and decided to sell the title - the four issues before the sale ran normally, though the last one was released really late into April. The new team skipped May, and started in June three months of pure Magazine Decay. Then the title went to another publisher, but with the editor-in-chief until April. September was skipped, October had an issue, but the one planned for November came out only in December. And in 2010, only four issues came out (March, May, June, November but arriving a month later), prompting fans to call SET "the Chinese Democracy of magazines".
  • Cracked slipped into this under the management of Dick Kulpa. He first cut the magazine to a six-issues-a-year schedule, but slipped greatly from this after an anthrax attack on the offices. It then got worse when the mag switched from MAD-styled parody to being a "lad mag" like Maxim: the Re Tool began in August 2006 and ended in February 2007... on the third issue.