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Running Gag: New Media
  • For some reason, the 404 Not Found error page on Bioware's website includes the phrase: "... or maybe Swikky the Dire Squirrel is chewing on our wires again."
  • Despair, inc., a famous De-Motivational Poster website, has a "Perfect For:" list of recommendations on who to buy a particular poster for. Every one has "Disaffected college students" as the last on the list.
  • The Agony Booth has one about taking shots at Joel Schumacher for what he did to Batman.
    A review without mocking Joel Schumacher is like a day without sunshine.
  • 1d4chan has a few:
    • Every weekend, Tzeentch, the Deceiver, the Emperor, and Cegorach get together for a game of paradox poker-billiards-chess-roulette every Saturday.
    • Any time the Blood Angels or Necrons are mentioned, the wiki goes out of its way to say how they're super special sparkly secret pony best friends forever.
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