Running Gag / New Media

  • For some reason, the 404 Not Found error page on Bioware's website includes the phrase: "... or maybe Swikky the Dire Squirrel is chewing on our wires again."
  • Despair, inc., a famous De-Motivational Poster website, has a "Perfect For:" list of recommendations on who to buy a particular poster for. Every one has "Disaffected college students" as the last on the list.
  • The Agony Booth has one about taking shots at Joel Schumacher for what he did to Batman.
    A review without mocking Joel Schumacher is like a day without sunshine.
  • 1d4chan has a few:
    • Every weekend, Tzeentch, the Deceiver, the Emperor, and Cegorach get together for a game of paradox poker-billiards-chess-roulette every Saturday.
    • Any time the Blood Angels or Necrons are mentioned, the wiki goes out of its way to say how they're super special sparkly secret pony best friends forever.
  • Uncyclopedia loves to use made-up quotes attributed to Oscar Wilde, regardless of context.
  • Count on any new TOP7-Liste (ranking lists consisting of humorous submissions about a given topic) to reference at least one of the following: Tokio Hotel, class 12a (you do NOT want to be their teacher), Tante Trude's slide presentations, the German Free Democratic Party, the fact that the sum of two even prime numbers is always a square number, a toddler with an electric drill or the lists themselves (or their meta text).