Roleplay / We Are All Travelers

Journey Through The Multiverse: We Are (All) Travelers is a semi-reboot of Journey Through the Multiverse, created by Psyga 315.

The main plot starts the same (a group of people find a ruined ship owned by a destroyed faction and use it to fight an evil multiversial empire that is beginning to rebuild), but everything else has changed, from characters being replaced by expies, to characters being split up or combined, to there being new characters, or even plot points changing.

Another major difference is that it plays with the idea of an Expendable Alternate Universe. The universes they go into might actually be a variation of the main universe, altered in some way, shape, or form, and they're all numbered by a string of three letters. In this case, the main story takes place in variant #ITT.

Now has a Character Sheet.

The RPG could be found on the site where JTTM moved to: here.

The Reboot contains these tropes:

  • Composite Character: Inverted for Nicholas. One Nicholas represents his early RP personality while the other one, now named Nick, contains his later RP persona.
  • Henshin Hero: There are a number of Magical Girls and Kamen Riders in the cast.
  • Ill Girl: There's one in Nick's past.
  • Magical Girl: Moerin and Jon.
  • Shout-Out: Already some.
    • Nick's parents are Grace and Trip.
    • Nick's last name is Chida.
    • Ginger is based on Jinako, yet looks like Velma.
    • The title is based off a lyric from Gackt's song "Journey Through The Decade", which was "We are all travelers.", couple that with the world ID of #ITT, and it results in a shout out to various Forum Games on TV Tropes, which usually have as their title: "ITT: We are all *".
    • Saxen's name is based around the Organisation's naming scheme, which is an anagram of the original's name plus an 'X'.
    • Moerin's transformation sequence is almost exactly the same as the Galactic Prettyboy's, only obviously minus the giant robot.
    • August's first reaction when asked to explain the Multiverse and the current situation is to pull his hood up to obscure his face and then say "This world has been connected"

This is a Work in Progress so far.