Recap / Young Blades S 01 E 13 Secrets

Written by James Shavick; Directed by Terry Ingram

A man is writing in a cafe at night. The waitress tells him that they're closed, but agrees to let him stay for the night to finish his work. D'Artagnan and Jacqueline enter, a bit confused. The writer explains that Mazarin discovered Jacqueline's secret and the Cardinal's Guard are chasing them down. He knows all this because he is Alexandre Dumas and they are his characters. He starts to tell the story.

D'Artagnan and Bernard are swordfighting in the street, apparently over Bernard accusing someone of a crime. D'Artagnan wins, and Bernard leaves with angry threats. Jacqueline scolds D'Artagnan for being childish and rising to Bernard's bait. D'Artagnan tells Jacqueline that he is helping test Siroc's new invention, a love potion, and she is not invited.

Siroc finishes preparing the love potion, but warns that it might not work, and it may cause some unpleasant side effects. Ramon worries, since he's known love potions to have disastrous effects. D'Artagnan takes a vial and puts it away. Siroc takes the potion, and two women appear. Ramon quickly takes the potion as well.

A messenger meets Jacqueline in the street, bringing a message from Gerard. He wants to meet in the place where he once beat Jacqueline in a swordfight. Jacqueline makes the messenger promise not to tell anyone she was beaten. Bernard overhears the conversation.

Jacqueline and D'Artagnan ask Dumas questions about the story. He explains that he can't do just anything because it might not be in character — Jacqueline kissing D'Artagnan, for example. He gives them new clothes to change into so they can escape from the guards. Jacqueline has a white, lacy dress.

Bernard reports to Mazarin that Gerard is back in France and that Jacques Leponte is planning to meet him. Mazarin orders him to keep tabs on the situation, and plans to have both Gerard and "Jacques" executed for treason.

Jacqueline sneaks off late at night. D'Artagnan follows her and catches up when she makes camp. They talk about her romance with Charles; she says that she couldn't marry someone she can't trust. D'Artagnan secretly drinks the love potion and asks who she's meeting. She says she's meeting a man and asks if he's jealous. They banter for a bit, and she says that she's grown to admire him. She moves to kiss him, but he stops her, saying that she doesn't really mean it.

Bernard reports to Mazarin that D'Artagnan is also helping the traitor.

D'Artagnan teases Jacqueline when they wake up in the morning. They discuss the time he asked her to come away with him, when he thought he had to leave the Musketeers to take care of his child. Jacqueline says that she's meeting Gerard. D'Artagnan points out that it's unsafe for him to be in the country. She says that this is the place where Gerard beat her; he comes out of the bushes and teases her for admitting it. They embrace. Gerard tells Jacqueline that he met an old priest in Nova Scotia who recognized her crucifix. The priest said he came to America to escape his sins and prayed for Jacqueline's forgiveness, but died of typhus before he could elaborate.

D'Artagnan takes them to a small cabin in the woods where they can hide out for a few days. Gerard teases Jacqueline about pretending to be the great D'Artagnan, and D'Artagnan overhears. Shots are fired into the cabin, and Bernard and several other guards enter. They kill all the guards except Bernard, but Jacqueline is badly wounded. They tie up Bernard, and D'Artagnan rides off for help. Bernard taunts them, and Gerard threatens to kill him, since he's sentenced to be executed anyway.

Ramon and Siroc stumble into Siroc's room and quickly close the door. Apparently the love potion worked too well, and now they are overexhausted but the women are still after them. Siroc mentions that he shouldn't have given any to the King.

Louis chases after a maid, who hides from him. As he considers what he can do to be more attractive to women, he decides that he should start a war. He takes swords from the guards and hands one to his valet, commanding him to be Spain. The valet fights nervously, not wanting to actually injure Louis. After a few hits, he pretends to be injured and surrenders, but Louis says that he's not even bleeding and makes him keep fighting. The valet accidentally knicks Louis on the finger, which prompts a pained reaction. Louis is finally distracted by the maid running past, and goes after her.

Ramon and Siroc discuss Siroc's previous inventions and how many have gone wrong. Ramon falls asleep in the middle of Siroc's speech. Siroc tries to leave the room, but runs right back in and slams the door.

Bernard examines Jacqueline's body as she lays injured. He tells Gerard that he knows she's not a man.

Dumas gives Jacqueline and D'Artagnan fake identities to help them escape Paris. The Cardinal's Guards enter; Jacqueline and D'Artagnan fight them off. One guard almost gets D'Artagnan, but Dumas hits him from behind with a wine bottle.

Bernard says that a woman in the Musketeers would be grounds to have them disbanded. Gerard threatens to kill Bernard to keep the secret, but Jacqueline says that he'll be just like their father's killer if he does.

D'Artagnan fetches Ramon and Siroc from the Barracks.

Bernard escapes from his ropes. He and Gerard fight, and he kills Gerard. Jacqueline kills Bernard and holds her brother as he dies.

The other Musketeers help Jacqueline bury Gerard. She says that the message he came to bring her wasn't worth his life.

D'Artagnan gives Bernard's sword to Mazarin. He mocks the Cardinal's inability to keep a Captain of the Guard for very long and promises to expose his evil deeds.

Jacqueline, alone with D'Artagnan, wonders what she is fighting for, since she's lost everyone who matters to her (except for D'Artagnan). Ramon recites a poem he wrote in honor of Gerard.

Jacqueline threatens Dumas with her sword and demands a happy ending. He says that she'll die if she kills him, since she's his character, but that if they continue on, they will have more adventures. Jacqueline and D'Artagnan get on the horses Dumas has provided and escape Paris.

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