Recap / Welcome To Night Vale Ep 36 Missing

"Red sky at night. Sailors delight. Red sky at night. The sailors are howling and laughing. The sailors begin to surround us and the night sky is so very red. Welcome to Night Vale."

An urgent call to all listeners as 13-year-old Tamika Flynn has gone missing. Plus another edition of Children's Fun Fact Science Corner, breaking traffic news, and the Community Calendar.

Tropes present in Missing include:

  • Hero of Another Story: Tamika Flynn leading the children's militia against Strex Corp.
  • La Rťsistance: Tamika and her followers and, more subtly, Cecil.
  • Voice of the Resistance: Cecil is ostensibly following orders for most of the episode, although he is obviously unhappy with the situation. However, after Strex Corp cuts off his show, he broadcasts from the roof and praises Tamika's resistance, urging fellow citizens to rebel.

"Today's proverb: Look! Up in the sky! Itís a bird! Itís a plane! No, itís just the void, infinite and indifferent. We are so small, so very, very small."