Recap / Sonic Sat AMS 01 E 05 Sonic And Sally

After trying to detonate one of Robotnik's machines, Sally gets captured by Dr. Robotnik's SWATbots. Sonic tries to go back, but Bunnie tells him he needs a power ring if he's going to save Sally. Meanwhile, Robotnik creates a clone of Sally to use to try to destroy Knothole. Sonic gets the power ring the next day and rescues Sally, but doesn't realise that it was the clone that Robotnik created. Sonic and the cloned Sally returned to Knothole. Tails found out he didn't get the "Funny Kiss" (on the nose) that Sally usually gives him. Then the clone reads a book to Tails and asks her to do the scary witch voice but refused and walked off. Sonic then, finds out that the SWAT-bot factory was still online and decides to go back and redo the mission. While in bed, Tails sees the cloned Sally and he sees the eyes glow red and finds out that it wasn't the real Sally. Bunnie wakes Sally up and showed her the ruined carrot crops, and Tails thinks it was the "Fake" Sally who did this during the night. Before going to the factory, Tails tries to tell Sonic that it wasn't the real Sally, Sonic thought Tails had a nightmare and ran off. While at the SWAT-bot factory, Sonic does the special handshake that he and Sally do, and finds out that Tails was telling the truth, that it wasn't Sally. After subduing her, the clone shows Sonic the way to the Real Sally, who saves her before she was robotocized and run back to Knothole while putting the clone in Sally's place inside the roboticizer, overloading it and destroying the factory. Back in Knothole, Sally finds Tails sitting by the log and gives him the "funny kiss", proving to Tails that she's the real Sally (Adding more proof with the "scary witch voice"). She attempts to prove it by giving Sonic a kiss, but this makes Sonic claim that she's fake so he grabs Tails and runs off.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Big Damn Heroes: Bunnie sends the fake Sally flying with a kick to the face before the robot can shoot a trapped Sonic.
  • Big "WHAT?!": Not as loud as most, but Sonic's reaction to the thought of Sally being robotocized does sound extremely shocked and worried.
  • Cassandra Truth: Tails notices something isn't right with "Sally", but Sonic dismisses his warning, thinking Tails had just had a nightmare.
  • Damsel in Distress: Sally gets captured by Robotnik and the others don't realise it until almost too late. Almost.
  • Deus ex Machina: A random malfunction that cops out the video signal is all that prevents Robotnik from discovering Knothole's location via Robot Sally's video communication.
  • Just in Time: Sonic manages to bail Sally out of danger moments before the machine can robotocize her.
  • Robot Me: Robotnik creates a robotic duplicate of Sally after taking the real Sally prisoner, with the intent of using it to discover the location of Knothole after being "rescued."
  • Secret Handshake: Failing to do this correctly is what blows the fake Sally's cover to Sonic.
  • Tin Man: The Robot Sally's follies in imitation involve it not being able to replicate Sally's emotions properly, yet it harbours an occasionally conniving and sadistic personality.