Recap / Orphan Black S 01 E 07 Parts Developedinan Unusual Manner
Sarah confronts the conspiracy head on, while the trust between herself and Paul weakens. Meanwhile, Cosima grows closer to Delphine and the mysterious Dr. Leekie.
  • Big Damn Villains: Helena rescues Sarah and takes her place to confront Olivier.
  • Bio-Augmentation: The woman Felix meets at the club, Astrid, since she's a Neolutionist.
    • Not to mention Olivier and his tail...
  • Call-Back: When Helena sneaks into Beth's apartment, her actions mirror Sarah's when she did the same thing in the series premiere. Shot-by-shot comparison here.
  • The Care Taker: Tomas to Helena. He nursed her back to health after the events of episode 5.
  • Dancing with Myself: Helena while waving Olivier's severed tail. Comes with a side order of Nipple and Dimed.
    • Even before this happened, Felix took a solo turn of his own on the dance floor.
  • Distressed Dude: Paul is captured and questioned by the Neolutionists.
  • First Kiss: Cosima and Delphine.
  • Foreshadowing: During his dinner with Delphine and Cosima, Leekie mentions that the Dyad has created a line of stem cells from human baby teeth. This becomes a plot point later in season 2.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: Sarah and Helena do lunch.
    • Playing Nice for Now: Helena may tell Sarah "I'm supposed to kill you," but she's also polite enough to murmur "Excuse me" after a tiny post-meal burp.
  • Guyliner: Felix uses this to get into the club.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Paul, to give Sarah time to flee.
  • "It" Is Dehumanizing: Tomas refers to "The Imposter" (i.e. Sarah) as "it" in his conversation with Helena. This is a staple of the Proletheans with respect to the clones.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: Sarah and Helena's awkward lunch takes place over the sounds of Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe."
  • Try Not to Die: Felix to Sarah when she goes in to save Paul.