Recap / Lunaverse S 1 T 3 Raindrops Of Clan Drops

Raindrops approaches the castle of Torka, a pony witch who has enslaved the lizard people, under the cover of a large storm cloud she stole from the Lightning Wyrm. Though the storm cloud is shooting lightning everywhere, Raindrops is still able to use it as cover to sneak past the castle's defenses. Once she's close enough, she dives down, kills a couple guards with her sword, then smashes her way into the castle proper. Meanwhile, the cloud itself lands on the other guards and fries them with lightning.

Once inside, Raindrops fights her way through more lizards, as well as guard dogs. She reaches a prison area and breaks the lock on the door, allowing the beautiful mares (and one female griffin) to escape. She continues on her way and breaks into Torka's throne room, a large, well-decorated room with a gigantic crystal set in the ceiling, where she finds the witch herself. Torka is chanting in front of a crystal ball, and has a box with air holes near her. Torka sends her minions at Raindrops, but Raindrops slays them all and says that she's there to recover Prince Miche. Raindrops' archnemesis, a pegasus stallion named Haltere, enters and attacks Raindrops. The two fight viciously, but while Haltere does knock away Raindrops' sword, Raindrops still wins and knocks Haltere out by kicking him in the face.

Torka begins to attack Raindrops, who recovers her sword and retaliates. Raindrops says that she knows that Torka derives her power from her crystal, so she smashes Torka's crystal ball. Unfortunately, this has no affect. Raindrops realizes that the crystal in question is the one at the top of the room, so after more combat, she makes her way to it and shatters it. The castle begins to collapse, so Raindrops grabs the box and flees.

Outside, Raindrops opens the box to reveal a large loaf of bread. She hugs it and says she's so relieved to see it again, then begins to eat it.

At home, Raindrops wakes up and realizes that it was all a dream. She resolves not to eat bread before bed anymore.