Recap / Lunaverse S 1 E 7 W 1 Boast Busted The Lost Tales

Twilight is going through the Everfree, hunting for an Ursa. As she walks, she hears singing. She goes through the woods to find the Sirens and says hello. They don't understand why she isn't in a trance from their song, so Twilight says that she cast some protective spells on herself. The Sirens tell her to go away, which annoys Twilight, so she tells them that they aren't singing but are rather chanting, and that they aren't really Sirens. They argue about it for a while, with Twilight describing the biology of several sea creatures to explain why the Sirens can't be any of them. She eventually calls them kelpies. They say that they aren't anything like the black-skinned land animals called kelpies, so Twilight explains that they're a different sort of kelpie. She also says that there aren't any land kelpies anymore. The Sirens boast that they've seen land kelpies, which Twilight ignores. The Sirens then tell her that she'll need to get past them to cross the river and continue on her way, but Twilight just teleports over the river and says goodbye. She leaves to go find the Ursa.