Recap / Lunaverse S 1 E 13 Scootalong To The Cheer

Heavy Roller creeps into the Ponyville Elementary classroom to meet with Cheerilee, who is largely concealed in a voluminous cloak. He says that he got a note from his daughter, Scootaloo. Cheerilee bellows that Scootaloo behaved deplorably and that they need to determine an appropriate solution. Roller, recovering from the surprise, asks Cheerilee to stop yelling and to remove the cloak. She reluctantly takes it off, revealing that her mane is ripped, her leg is dyed rainbow, she has an eye patch and a large bandage wrapped around her head, and is otherwise covered with mud. Roller screams in horror, and Cheerilee confirms that, yes, it's all Scootaloo's doing.

Cheerilee describes her day. Shortly before school started, Scootaloo hit a baseball through the classroom window and hit her on the head. During arts and crafts, Scootaloo then threw away her project in frustration, and it landed on Cheerilee's mane. As it was extremely gluey, it got stuck, and when Cheerilee screamed for it to be removed, Scootaloo just ripped it, taking a big chunk of her mane with the project. Scootaloo approached Cheerilee at lunch to apologize, and gave her a jar of liquid rainbow as a present, but somehow dyed Cheerilee's leg by accident. Still later, Trixie came in to talk about the Night Court, but Scootaloo threw a paper airplane note (an insult, aimed for Diamond Tiara,) that hit Cheerilee squarely in the eye. Finally, after school was out, Cheerilee began walking to the spa when Scootaloo zipped past her on her scooter and splashed her with mud. The spa, as it turns out, was also closed for the week. Cheerilee immediately wrote a note demanding to speak with Roller and ordered Scootaloo to give it to her father posthaste. Scootaloo ran off and did so.

At home, Scootaloo is near tears. She gave the note to Roller and he seemed to take it in stride, but she thinks that Cheerilee will convince her father that Scootaloo meant to hurt Cheerilee all day and that he'll punish her harshly. However, she sees a picture of her deceased mother, a Night Guard who died heroically. She tells herself that her mother Nocturne wouldn't give up, and neither will she — she'll just find a way to show Cheerilee that she didn't mean to hurt her and she was sorry. As she leaves, she formulates her plan, deciding that the first course of action is to find someone who can loan her some money for her apology gift.

At Diamond Tiara's mansion, Diamond's maid, Dust Buster, tells her that she has a visitor. Diamond Tiara doesn't want to deal with the guest, but the maid says that the guest won't leave until Diamond Tiara talks to her. Diamond Tiara finally gives in, swearing to complain about Dust Buster to her (Diamond's) father, Filthy Rich, later. She begins to rant at the guest as she enters the living room, but stops upon realizing that it's Scootaloo, who she has a crush on. Scootaloo says that she wants a loan so she can buy Cheerilee something. Diamond Tiara, hurt that Scootaloo came only not to see Diamond Tiara but just to get money, orders her out and says that she's not going to just give her money to buy something for herself. Scootaloo clarifies that the money is for Cheerilee. Diamond Tiara thinks that this means that Scootaloo will prank Cheerilee again, but when she says this, Scootaloo begins to cry and says that she never meant to hurt Cheerilee and just wants to make things up to her. Diamond Tiara, touched by this, gets her some tissues and thinks that Scootaloo is much more compassionate than most foals, including herself. She offers Scootaloo some money in exchange for Scootaloo appearing with her in the upcoming foal talent show. Diamond Tiara won't tell her what the act is, mostly because she doesn't have any idea herself and only came up with the idea on the spur of the moment. Nonetheless, Scootaloo accepts. Diamond Tiara also insists on accompanying Scootaloo to make sure the gift is suitable.

Scootaloo waits outside while Diamond Tiara panics about what to wear. Dust Buster advises her to just wear something similar to Scootaloo. Diamond Tiara is thrilled by the advice and hugs her, then grabs just a saddlebag and her usual tiara before leaving. Dust Buster asks when she'll return, and Diamond Tiara says she might spend the night at Scootaloo's. She then leaves to meet Scootaloo, and the two depart on Scootaloo's scooter.

The two arrive at the first destination, Bonbon's candy shop. Diamond Tiara has to take a few moments to recover from the scooter ride, although she does acknowledge to herself that it was fun. They argue over the quality of the candy, with Diamond Tiara guessing that it's not as good as the expensive Canterlot imports her father gets her. They go inside to find Lyra and Bonbon. Scootaloo introduces Diamond Tiara and doesn't correct Lyra when she calls her Scootaloo's 'friend,' which makes Diamond Tiara happy. Scootaloo asks what kind of candy Cheerilee likes, then has Diamond Tiara buy two bags of it as well as a gift basket for 11 bits. Diamond Tiara waits for Scootaloo to leave, then asks what kind of sweets Scootaloo likes and gets two of her favorite chocolate bars for 8 bits. The two leave. Bonbon and Lyra chuckle about Diamond Tiara's obvious crush, and also decide to go make sure Cheerilee is okay.

The two foals arrive at the market, Diamond Tiara again relieved to get off of the rapid scooter. Scootaloo says she's going to buy Cheerilee some carrot juice because she knows that Cheerilee likes it. Diamond Tiara says that the gift won't work if it's only food, and that she's choosing their next stop after the market. The two find Carrot Top's stall, and Diamond Tiara buys two bottles of the juice for four bits. When asked why, she just says that Cheerilee and Heavy Roller are talking. Carrot Top misunderstands this to think that the two are dating. On the way back, Diamond Tiara says they're going to Amethyst Star's jewelry shop next, and that she'll use her special talent (accessorizing) to find the perfect gift for their teacher. Scootaloo says that she thought Diamond Tiara's special talent was just wearing jewelry, which saddens Diamond Tiara slightly, since everyone thinks that. They leave, Diamond Tiara hoping to impress Scootaloo.

At the jewelry store, the two run into Dinky as well as Sparkler. Dinky says that she's helping out while her mom finishes her mail route. Diamond Tiara and Sparkler go into the back of the store, so Dinky asks Scootaloo why she's hanging out with the normally mean Diamond Tiara. Scootaloo says that Diamond Tiara is being helpful, and Dinky wonders to herself if Diamond Tiara has a crush on Scootaloo. Meanwhile, Diamond Tiara settles on a pair of bronze earrings for Cheerilee at fifteen bits, and a single silver earring with a large topaz for Scootaloo at five bits. Unfortunately, she only has seventeen bits remaining, and can only afford the bronze earrings. Sparkler says she'll sell the lot for seventeen bits when she sees the problem. Diamond Tiara is suspicious and doesn't appear to understand that sort of generosity, but accepts (though she promises to pay Sparkler the balance later).

Outside, Diamond Tiara says that she's out of money. Scootaloo says that they'll make Cheerilee a card next. Diamond Tiara thinks this is cheap, but is so excited by getting to visit Scootaloo at her house that she doesn't object. They leave for Scootaloo's house.

On the way, Diamond Tiara fantasizes about Scootaloo being a knight escorting her, a beautiful and rich mare, through the city. When they arrive, Scootaloo startles her out of her daydream by saying that she has drool on her cheek. She screams at Scootaloo, then quickly apologizes. Scootaloo, surprised, apologizes too. When they finally get inside, Diamond Tiara is horrified by the messy garage and house, but pleased when Scootaloo calls her 'DT.' She begins thinking of nicknames for Scootaloo as well as Scootaloo asks her to make sure she (Scootaloo) doesn't botch the card.

Meanwhile, Heavy Roller and Cheerilee are walking home. They run into Carrot Top, who says that Scootaloo told them all about their relationship. Cheerilee is amused by the idea, but as she laughs, her cloak falls off and Carrot Top sees her battered form. Cheerilee decides that they should talk privately, and they all head into Berry Punch's bar. Carrot Top tells Berry that Cheerilee is on a date with Heavy Roller, despite Cheerilee's denials. She also removes Cheerilee's cape, then gasp. She vows revenge on whoever hurt her sister. (Meanwhile, Carrot Top just thinks it's some kind of weird kink). Fortunately, Trixie shows up and explains that it was all Scootaloo. She says that she's been scared all day about the kids hurting her too, so Cheerilee and the others try to calm her down. Eventually, Cheerilee is able to convince everyone that it was all Scootaloo, and that she and Roller aren't dating. The others wonder if Scootaloo did it deliberately. Cheerilee says that Scootaloo wouldn't hurt anyone, but Ditzy comes in and says that Dinky saw Diamond Tiara hanging out with Scootaloo. Carrot Top adds that the two were together by her stall as well. Cheerilee, knowing how much of a brat Diamond Tiara is, realizes that Diamond Tiara may have asked Scootaloo to hurt her. She storms out.

Cheerilee storms across Ponyville, stepping on dolls and a toy house set in her way and even knocking Big Macintosh out of her way. She approaches the Rich house and terrifies Dust Buster, but Dust Buster just tells her that Filthy Rich is away. Late that night, Cheerilee makes her way to a park, where she meets Lyra. Lyra comforts her and takes her home, and with some washing and magic, they're able to fix Cheerilee up (except for her mane). Cheerilee then tells Lyra that she's worried that Scootaloo hates her. She says that she's convinced now that Scootaloo meant to hurt her, and is upset that one of her students could hate her that much. Lyra tries to talk her out of this idea, and almost succeeds, when Raindrops comes in with the two foals. Raindrops says that she found them spying outside.

Cheerilee, furious, demands to know what the two were doing there. She won't listen to them at all until Diamond Tiara says that Scootaloo wanted to apologize, and that the gift basket is outside. Cheerilee still doesn't believe them and guesses that the food is tampered with somehow, until she sees Scootaloo about to cry. She realizes then that Scootaloo would never hurt her. The two hug, with Diamond Tiara jealously wishing that she could hug Scootaloo like that.

Cheerilee carries a sleeping Scootaloo home while Diamond Tiara guides the scooter and tells Cheerilee what happened. Cheerilee doesn't get why Diamond Tiara spent so much money and time to help Scootaloo, but doesn't push it. When they reach Scootaloo's house, they find that Roller isn't home (it turns out that he's still in the bar, listening to Trixie tell exaggerated stories about herself). Cheerilee takes Scootaloo upstairs, stopping Diamond Tiara when she tries to follow. Diamond Tiara says that she needs to write Scootaloo a note, but Cheerilee points out crayons and paper on the first floor.

Upstairs, Cheerilee lays Scootaloo in a beanbag. She hears Scootaloo whispering for her mother in her sleep. Downstairs, she sees Diamond Tiara quickly stuff her first note into her own bag and write a second one, which orders Scootaloo to be ready to work on their talent show act the next day. Cheerilee sees the note, decides that it's not her problem, and leaves.

In her own room, Diamond Tiara looks at her first note, a much friendlier one offering to let Scootaloo visit her whenever she wants. She is unhappy that she didn't leave the first note. As she empties out her bag, she finds one of Scootaloo's feathers. Thrilled beyond measure, she goes to sleep clutching it.

Alternative Title(s): Lunaverse S 1 E 12 Scootalong To The Cheer