Recap / Digimon Tamers E 36 Final Fight Dukemon Vs Beelzebumon

The struggle between Dukemon and Beelzebumon continues, with Dukemon able to fend off Beelzebumon’s attacks. The others, unable to find Takato, worry about what’s happened to him. Juri continues to mourn Leomon’s death, wondering if this is “fate”.

The ensuing scuffle causes Jian to be separated from Shaochung, and Caturamon receives orders from Zhuqiaomon to punish Lopmon for betraying him. Caturamon approaches Shaochung and Lopmon with the intent to kill them, but Terriermon intervenes and is knocked away. Dukemon arrives and quickly dispatches Caturamon, but Beelzebumon loads Caturamon’s data and continues to fight.

Jian tries to get Shaochung away from Lopmon, saying that she’ll be in danger if she stays close to him, but Shaochung holds up her Ark and reminds him that Lopmon is her partner. Jian stops himself, and Renamon goes off to fetch Terriermon while Hirokazu and Kenta continue their search for Takato. Beelzebumon attacks them, and Guardromon unsuccessfully tries to protect them, only being knocked aside while Hirokazu fears that he may be subjected to the same fate as Leomon.

Dukemon shields Hirokazu and Kenta from Guardromon, and Kenta realizes that he feels Takato’s presence. Guardromon carries the two of them back to the others and Kenta tells the others, startling everyone. Frustrated at not being able to do anything while Takato’s fighting with his own Digimon, Hirokazu has Guardromon fire bullets to save Dukemon right when Beelzebumon has him cornered.

With renewed strength, Dukemon defeats Beelzebumon, but is stopped from landing a killing blow by none other than Juri, who tells Takato to stop and that she doesn’t want to lose anyone else. Beelzebumon is confused why Juri would say such a thing when he killed her partner, but Juri cries and points out that even if Dukemon killed him, it wouldn’t bring Leomon back.

Dukemon reverts to Takato and Guilmon, and Beelzebumon remembers Ai and Makoto, his antics in the human world before making his Deal with the Devil and going on his demonic rampage and murdering Leomon. Beelzebumon leaves, and while Takato is still dazed from what had just happened, Guilmon rejoices at finally having been able to fight alongside Takato. A brand-new, golden Ark presents itself to Takato, and he declares that he’ll always be with Guilmon.

Ryou and Cyberdramon, meanwhile, continue to wander, and Cyberdramon tells Ryou that they’ll soon encounter the most powerful enemy they’ve ever seen.