Recap / Digimon Frontier E 5 Thunder Power Shaking The Ground Blitzmon

The four kids, accompanied by Bokomon and Neemon, continue along the train tracks through a heavy sandstorm hoping to find Forest Terminal. They eventually end at the Wind Factory Company, where they find a bunch of Kokuwamon. Despite Junpei’s apprehensions, they enter the factory in the hopes that the Kokuwamon might have some food for them to eat, and Izumi manages to convince the security guard Minomon to give them a tour around.

The kids explore the factory. While Junpei goes to the bathroom, he overhears voices telling the workers to work harder and some zaps...but before he can look into it further, Takuya tells him to hurry up and he leaves.

They find that the factory’s “high tech” productions are actually rather outdated household fans, and when they get to the cafeteria, the “food” consists of only batteries meant for the Kokuwamon. Irritated, the kids leave the factory, and Takuya kicks one of the batteries in anger, causing it to clang against the train tracks and attract the attention of some Goblimon. The kids shortly after find the place where the Kokuwamon live, and the Kokuwamon greet them.

While the manager of the factory sits in one of the rooms, basking in the fans and drinking an iced drink, a Goblimon reports that the Minomon security have reported letting in some strange people into the factory, which angers the manager.

The Kokuwamon reveal to the kids that they once lived peacefully in the forest before a bunch of Goblimon had captured them and used them to generate electricity for their factory. Since then, they’ve been worked brutally, and the guided tour was tailored to give the kids the impression that the Kokuwamon were working normally. In addition, the Kokuwamon only release electricity when they’re startled and frightened, and thus the manager of the factory keeps them constantly in fear in order to keep them generating electricity.

Takuya decides that they should help the Kokuwamon out and tells them to fight back, but Junpei is concerned about the danger of jumping promptly to a fight. Still, the other kids and the Kokuwamon decide to side with Takuya, while an irritated Junpei takes his leave and the security Minomon catch sight of them.

Takuya formulates a plan: Izumi will make a distraction at the front gate and the others will storm the factory and begin battle to destroy the heart of the factory. Junpei refuses to go on the grounds that it’s dangerous, and because he’s resentful of the fact he’s just a burden who can’t evolve like the others. However, the Kokuwamon sympathize with Junpei, having not even considered the idea of fighting back before Takuya had mentioned it, and ask Takuya to understand that not everyone’s as brave as he is.

As Junpei takes some time off elsewhere, a young Kokuwamon approaches him and asks if they’ll be able to return to the forest the next day. Junpei reassures him that they will.

At night, they begin the plan, and Takuya, Tomoki, and Izumi spirit evolve to Agnimon, Chakmon, and Fairymon. Junpei looks on as the plan begins smoothly, with the Kokuwamon engaging in battle against the Goblimon. However, the plan begins to fall apart when they reach the heart of the factory and are faced with a whole army of Goblimon and the factory’s manager, a Snimon.

Outside, Junpei thinks of how everyone’s fighting together and how he’s unable to do anything. He sees the young Kokuwamon trying to go to the factory to fight with the others but being pulled back by the elder for being too young to fight and, seeing this, decides to go to the factory to find some way to fight alongside the others. With Fairymon unable to keep up the fight at the gate and fleeing, and with Agnimon and Chakmon struggling against the army of Goblimon and the Snimon, Junpei approaches the heart of the factory.

Seeing that the Snimon is strong, Junpei decides to fight him with the help of a mechanical crane, but the Snimon swats it away and breaks it. The resulting crash reveals a Spirit in the rubble, which none of the Digivices had reacted to earlier due to the thick metal walls. Junpei calls the Spirit into his Digivice, which allows him to evolve into Blitzmonnote , the Warrior of Thunder. Thrilled at having finally been able to evolve, Blitzmon is able to take on Snimon easily, and eventually defeats and scans him into an egg.

With that, the group and the Kokuwamon vacate the factory before it falls apart. Outside, Junpei tells the Kokuwamon that they can return to the forest, while the Minomon are blown away in the wind. The Minomon report to someone that another one of the children has found a Spirit...


  • Eye Catch: As par for the course for introductory evolution episodes, Junpei’s variant of the eyecatch is shown twice.