Recap / Digimon Frontier E 48 Turn Light And Darkness Into One Kouichis Last Wish

With the Digital World’s yellow moon breaking apart, the other two also follow suit as DigiEggs fly around. The kids barely survive the explosion, with Patamon, Plotmon, and Lopmon saving Takuya and Kouji while the others fly on a small piece of the moon. As the group meets up, Lucemon approaches the ruined Digital World and begins to summon a bunch of corrupted souls to do his bidding.

As the kids discuss what to do next, Kouichi has a private talk with Kouji, bringing up the subject of their biological mother; Kouji says that while the one he’ll call “mother” is his stepmother, he’s still curious about his biological mother. Kouichi describes his mother as kind and hard-working, having raised him all on her own. Kouji says that she must be worried about him, which causes Kouichi to feel down.

The kids ask Bokomon how the Ten Legendary Warriors defeated Lucemon before, but Bokomon doesn’t know the details. Patamon, Plotmon, and Lopmon say that the only way to defeat Lucemon is to have darkness and light become one, and the kids wonder if this means that Kouichi and Kouji are the key to solving the problem. Bokomon accidentally spills that Kouichi is worried about something LordKnightmon had told him, and although he tries to cover it up, the kids press him for details. Tomoki suggests that it has to do with the fact that Kouichi hadn’t entered the Digital World on a Trailmon.

Meanwhile, Lucemon begins to make a path to the human world...

Kouji suggests that the reason he and Kouichi were able to meet in the Digital World because of “fate”, and that they’re connected in the same way that light and darkness are. He then tells Kouichi that he can tell something’s wrong, because he can feel it himself.

A light emerges from the Digital World’s Dark Area, and the group realizes that Lucemon must be there. As Takuya has Patamon, Plotmon, and Lopmon take them to the Dark Area, Kouichi pulls Kouji aside and asks him to visit his mother he returns to the human world. Kouji makes the promise, although he’s taken aback by Kouichi suddenly asking this of him.

As they approach the Digital World, a data stream opens a gate in midair, which leads to the human world’s Shibuya and Shinjuku. In the human world, electronic screens begin to show Lucemon’s face, and Bokomon’s book reveals that if a Digimon makes it to the human world, the resulting distortion will destroy it. Kouichi is determined not to let that happen, and, knowing that they have to stop Lucemon, Junpei, Kouichi, Izumi, and Tomoki spirit evolve while Takuya and Kouji double spirit evolve and close in on Lucemon.

Lucemon manages to injure BeoWolfmon, and when Löwemon tries to help him, Lucemon blasts him away. Lucemon then turns his attention to the others, saying that he has the ability to combine both light and darkness. He traps them in a Yin-Yang Bomb sphere that saps them of their power and explodes, reverting them to their human forms.

Lucemon is about to use another Yin-Yang Bomb when Löwemon intercepts. While trapped in the sphere, he says that Lucemon isn’t the only one who can combine light and darkness. He tells the others that he won’t be able to return to the human world with them and asks them to protect their world. As the sphere explodes and Löwemon reverts to Kouichi, he gives Kouji the Spirits of Darkness before saying that he’s glad he could meet him and having what’s left of him scanned by Lucemon.

Kouji’s body has difficulty controlling both the Spirits of Light and Darkness, and Lucemon taunts him that a human wouldn’t be able to handle both and that Kouichi’s death was a Senseless Sacrifice. Incensed, Takuya attacks Lucemon with everything he has, causing an explosion of flames, and the reaction of light and darkness inside Kouji causes everyone’s spirits to gather together with Kouji and Takuya and have them ancient spirit evolve to Susanoomon.