Recap / Digimon Frontier E 46 The Digital World Destroyed Lucemons Dark Reign

The Royal Knights report to Lucemon, and LordKnightmon asks if Lucemon will give them the key to the human world like he promised. Lucemon replies that he will.

The group arrives at Ophanimon’s castle, seeing that the Royal Knights aren’t there. Knowing that this is the last area to be protected before Lucemon is revived, they decide to protect it at all costs. Kouichi is still troubled over the revelation that he’s only a soul without a body, but when Kouji asks him what’s wrong, he shrugs it off.

The kids enter the castle to find themselves in a large library. They’re approached by Nefertimon, the guardian of the castle, who explains that the library contains all of the knowledge of the Digital World. Takuya asks her if she knows where the key that locks the data for the castle is, but Nefertimon responds that she doesn’t know, and the kids decide to split up, look for the key, and destroy it before the Royal Knights can get to it. Kouji and Kouichi take the upper floor, while Izumi goes with Takuya to the basement and Junpei and Tomoki are left to the inner rooms.

Kouji can tell that something’s wrong with Kouichi, but Kouichi continues to insist that he’s fine. Kouji says that he’s happy that he came to this world because he got to meet Kouichi, and asks if they can still meet each other when they return home. Kouichi nervously replies that they can.

Junpei, noticing that Tomoki is a little tense, tries to cheer him up with some magic tricks and produces flowers from his sleeves. Tomoki is happy, but admits to Junpei that he’s actually very scared of what might happen if they fail to protect the castle. Junpei tells him that he’s grown a lot, and, although he’s a bit embarrassed that he hasn’t grown much himself, he still wants to fight until the end.

Takuya and Izumi fall into a pile of books, and Takuya, noticing that Izumi is sleepy, tells her to get some rest. Izumi insists that Takuya get some rest as well, since it’ll be a hard battle when the Royal Knights come, and the two reflect on how far they’ve come in their journey to get there. Izumi says that she wants to make a lot of friends when she goes home since she likes the new Izumi she’s become; Takuya is about to say that he also likes the new Izumi before he cuts himself off, realizing what he was about to say, and gets back to work. A blushing Izumi tries to bring up the subject again, only to find that Takuya’s fallen asleep.

Morning approaches, but despite having searched the entire library, none of the kids have found the key. As they decide to keep searching, Bokomon notices that Kouichi is troubled, and asks if it’s about what LordKnightmon had said about Kouichi being only a soul. Kouichi asks Bokomon not to tell anyone about it, while Kouji, looking from a distance, can still tell that something’s wrong.

The Royal Knights arrive, and the kids give their spirits to Takuya and Kouji so that they can hyper spirit evolve. Dynasmon reveals that Nefertimon is the key and attacks her, and Nefertimon, determined to protect the castle, tries to fight back. She begs KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon to kill her, since her death will seal the data forever, but they refuse and declare that they’ll protect the area themselves.

Unfortunately, just as KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon are about to win, Lucemon intervenes and sends beams of light from the core of the earth. KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon are slammed down and revert to Takuya and Kouji, and Dynasmon uses Nefertimon as the key to unlock the data and scans it. Now with the data he needs and the Digital World completely destroyed, Lucemon appears and declares himself the ruler of the Digital World, saying that he will create a new Digital World to his own will.

The Royal Knights ask Lucemon for the key to the human world, but Lucemon says that he needs to kill the children first. He attacks them and sends them flying, but they’re saved by a Trailmon floating into the air. The Trailmon takes them on a special railway to the moon, saying that if the children are killed, then the Digital World will be doomed. Takuya decides to take shelter on the moon and plan their next move there.


  • Eye Catch: Kouji and Junpei’s variants are used for this episode.