Recap / Digimon Frontier E 29 Escape The Phantasmagoric Sephirotmon

The kids watch Sephirotmon rise into the sky and wonder if he’s running away. Takuya is unable to get in contact with Kouji with his Digivice, and the group decides to go and look for him. Before they can, however, they’re interrupted by Sephirotmon returning, with all of his spheres glowing once again.

BeoWolfmon continues chasing Duskmon, wondering why Duskmon is running from him and who the boy who has Kouji’s face is. However, he soon loses sight of Duskmon.

Sephirotmon approaches the children, using their own Digimon attacks against them. Takuya double spirit evolves to Ardhamon while Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki spirit evolve to Fairymon, Blitzmon, and Chakmon, and Sephirotmon reveals that he’s become able to copy their Digimon abilities from their fighting within his spheres. In addition, he has the ability to Counter Attack all of their abilities in a much stronger form. Fairymon, Blitzmon, and Chakmon slide evolve, but Sephirotmon has data on their attacks as well. Ardhamon decides that the only thing to do is attack all at once, but Sephirotmon only counters all of them.

The kids begin to lose hope, and Bolgmon says that running away may be the only option, but they’re trapped by Sephirotmon using his shape to surround them. When they break out and continue trying to run, Sephirotmon only follows them. He corners them at a cave wall and causes darkness to fill the cave, attacking from the shadows. Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki have memories of their constant fear of the darkness even in the human world, and Fairymon, Blitzmon, and Chakmon fall into a panic despite Ardhamon’s attempts to get them to focus.

As they fall further into despair, the group begins to attack each other, but Ardhamon gets an idea when the resulting scuffle causes a bunch of attacks to mix with each other. Ardhamon tells the others to snap out of it and close their eyes, urging them to take advantages of the unique enhanced senses that Digimon have. Ardhamon tells them to combine their attacks, and they attack Sephirotmon with a mixture of attacks together. Sephirotmon is unable to come up with data for what Ardhamon deems a “brand new attack”. With Ardhamon resolving not to run away and saying that he’ll “see the light within the darkness”, the group manages to do some damage with various mixture combinations of their different attacks.

Ardhamon realizes that Sephirotmon has always been covering up one of his spheres and hasn’t been attacking with it. With the others keeping Sephirotmon from moving, Ardhamon attacks the core, causing Sephirotmon to be defeated in one hit and allowing Ardhamon to scan him into a DigiEgg. Cherubimon, seeing Sephirotmon defeated, decides that it’s now time to “break the seal”...

The kids go back outside the cave, knowing that there’s still one more Legendary Warrior to defeat, as meanwhile BeoWolfmon continues on his search for Duskmon.