Recap / Digimon Adventure E 49 Goodbye Numemon

Hikari wakes up in what looks like a subway station, accompanied by Takeru and Tailmon. Feeling a lot better after some rest, Hikari asks where the others are and is soon after greeted by Patamon, Sora, and Piyomon. Sora is unable to find Koushirou and Taichi, but has the medicine that Taichi found with her and administers it to Hikari.

They soon come across a WaruMonzaemon beating a bunch of Numemon as factory workers who power Mugendramon’s machines. Hikari, feeling horrible for them, begins to glow...and promptly collapses, to the shock of Sora and Takeru and catching the attention of the Numemon. The WaruMonzaemon whips them and tells them to get back to work, after which he catches sight of the Chosen Children and gives chase. Soon after, however, the glowing Hikari returns with Tailmon, assures Tailmon that she’ll be fine, and asks her to free the Numemon.

Patamon and Piyomon attempt to evolve, but are out of energy, and they continue to flee from WaruMonzaemon with Sora.

After being freed by Hikari and Tailmon, the Numemon begin to worship Hikari, and Sora, Patamon, and Piyomon burst in right after. When WaruMonzaemon follows, Hikari reveals that she freed the Numemon and the Numemon promptly attack WaruMonzaemon. Shortly after, however, Hikari collapses again, and when the Numemon seem to be defeated, Hikari begins to glow again, restoring power to Patamon and Piyomon and allowing them to evolve along with Tailmon. They chaseWaruMonzaemon away, while Hikari checks on the Numemon. The glowing light from Hikari leads them out, which they decide to follow in the hopes it’ll take them to Taichi and the others.

WaruMonzaemon reports to Mugendramon that the Chosen have arrived, and Mugendramon responds by killing him since he’s no longer useful.

Taichi insists on continually looking for Hikari despite Koushirou telling him that he, Tentomon, and Agumon are tired, and this results in Taichi lashing out and getting in a physical brawl with Koushirou...only to pull Koushirou in the midst of it before he can make any hits, tell him that someone is trailing them, and that they need to pretend to keep fighting and hide away in the process. Agumon and Tentomon find themselves unable to evolve, and Taichi, acknowledging that Agumon is tired, apologizes to Koushirou for his earlier behavior.

However, the person following them turns out to not be an enemy but Andromon, who’s been leading La Résistance against Mugendramon. Taichi tells him that they’re looking for Hikari and Andromon scans the ceiling looking for them, but they’re attacked by Mugendramon and Andromon buys them time for them to escape. At the same time, Hikari detects the presence of the others and her group ends up falling right in front of Taichi and Koushirou.

The group’s Digimon take on Mugendramon to assist Andromon, but fail miserably and fall back. Suddenly, Hikari starts walking resolutely towards Mugendramon while the Numemon begin to crawl onto him to attack him. The Numemon are quickly destroyed by Mugendramon, causing Hikari to cry, start glowing again, and collapse, giving power to Agumon to warp-evolve to WarGreymon. WarGreymon makes one attack and reverts to Koromon; Mugendramon taunts him, but Koromon tells him that he has all of his friends by his side. Mugendramon begins to fall into pieces and dissolve, his defeat having been sealed right when WarGreymon had made his attack with the Dramon Killer.

With Hikari now up and ready again, the city part of Spiral Mountain begins to drain away and the kids evacuate the area. Hikari asks Taichi if she can get a grave marker for the Numemon, to which Taichi agrees, and sets his sight next on the final Dark Master: Piemon.


  • You Are Already Dead: In addition to the action of the trope, the dub adds this to Koromon's dialogue as he tells Machinedramon that he's been sliced "like an onion".