Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 6 A Dangerous Picnic

A plane lands in Tokyo, and a girl gets off the plane, musing that she hasn’t been in Japan in a long time. She pulls out a Digivice, adjusts her time from EST to Tokyo’s, and quickly falls victim to jet lag...

During Golden Week, the 2002 Chosen Children seem to be preparing for something: Chibimon wakes Daisuke up early in the morning, Iori’s mother makes kanpyo-maki sushi at the request of Miyako, Hikari and Takeru pack up and stuff their Digimon in their bags, and Miyako buys an absurd amount of food at her family’s convenience store (after also having unceremoniously stuffed Poromon in her bag).

The kids meet up at their school and, with school closed on a school holiday, have to sneak into the computer club room. They’re about to enter the Digital World when the door enters and the girl enters...whom Takeru and Hikari recognize as none other than 1999 Chosen Child Mimi Tachikawa!

Mimi (who gets to have her own Digimon Analyzer screen) happens to be in Japan for her cousin’s wedding, and had come back to Odaiba Elementary out of nostalgia. The kids explain to her that they’re going on a picnic in the Digital World and invite Mimi to come along with them.

They enter and Daisuke confirms that there aren’t Dark Towers in the area. Mimi thinks of Palmon, and the other Chosen catch her up on recent events in the Digital World, telling her that they’re coming to the Digital World to have some fun for a change rather than destroy Dark Towers. Once they settle down and start eating, Miyako gives Mimi a tuna-mayo rice ball, which makes Mimi overjoyed to see Japanese food for the first time in a while.

Hawkmon goes off to chase a kanpyo-maki roll with Miyako chasing him, and Mimi goes off to look for them not long after. However, she finds herself falling into a pit and passing out. When she wakes up, she’s greeted by Miyako and Hawkmon, who show her that a Dark Tower is nearby and they’ve fallen into the Kaiser’s territory. They’re approached by a bunch of Gekomon and Otamamon, whom Mimi recognizes, but they turn out to be hostile and controlled by Evil Rings and attack the three of them. They’re saved in the nick of time by none other than Palmon, who shares a happy reunion with Mimi, although she’s a little exasperated to know they came for a picnic when all these things are happening in the Digital World.

Miyako sends a weak signal to the others with her Digivice, but it doesn’t do much. Mimi, Miyako, Palmon, and Hawkmon are shortly after attacked by two Gokimonnote  brothers sent by the Kaiser, who try to hit on them before attacking and are impeccably polite to each other as they do so. As the Gokimon brothers throw large pieces of garbage like pianos, bookshelves, and refrigerators at them, Miyako notices how they’re polite with each other, thinks that the Evil Rings must not be disrupting their brotherhood, and cuts into an Imagine Spot with herself and Mimi in a rather subtext-full Utena-like scene before the heat of the situation snaps her out of it.

Miyako has Hawkmon armor evolve to Holsmon and lures the Gokimon over to the Dark Tower, where she gets them to miss her when attacking and hit the Dark Tower. With the Dark Tower damaged, Palmon evolves to Togemon, and she finishes off the Dark Tower with Holsmon and frees the Gokimon.

The Kaiser, upset at seeing yet another piece of territory lost, decides to call it quits for the day and go home, while Wormmon muses “if [Ken] grew up a little…"

Miyako sends a message to the other Chosen that she’s fine, and finds to her dismay that the Gokimon in their normal states of mind are actually rather rude to each other and constantly fighting. The Gekomon and Otamamon, now free from the Kaiser, lead the other Chosen back to Mimi and Miyako, and are happy to see Mimi again. The kids leave Togemon to protect the area and return home, and before they part ways, Miyako yells to Mimi that she had a lot of fun meeting her, to which Mimi responds with Miyako’s Catch-Phrase of “Bingo!”note 


  • Theme Tune Cameo: In the original Japanese version, Hikari hums 02’s evolution theme “Break up!” while packing for the picnic.