Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 38 Holy Night Digimon Great Reunion

After the kids spend a day destroying some Dark Towers, Ken awkwardly invites them to a Christmas party at his house at the request of his mother. To his surprise, all of the kids are excited to accept his invitation - even Iori, who accepts it graciously and with happiness.

Takeru’s mother runs into a mysterious man named Yukio Oikawa, whom she recognizes as a person who’d wanted information about the incident seven years prior at Hikarigaokanote  and the “Odaiba fog” case. Before leaving, Oikawa tells her (who’s very creeped out by his demeanor) that the case hasn’t ended, and that in fact it’s just begun. Takeru’s mother wonders if this means that the Digimon are involved again.

On Christmas Eve, the kids come up with a plan: they’ll reunite the 1999 Chosen Children’s Digimon with their human partners as a Christmas present, and start off by taking Palmon to Mimi’s room in America via Digital Gate. They deliver the Digimon to their human friends shortly after, with the elder Chosen overjoyed to finally get to see their Digimon partners again.

Later, Sora stands nervously outside of Yamato’s concert hall, carrying a box. Taichi realizes what’s going on when Gabumon smells something delicious from the box, Sora says that the box is for Yamato, and Piyomon lets slip that Sora had been hesitating in front of the door for a while. He urges Sora to hurry up and give it to Yamato, and wishes her luck as she goes in. Agumon remarks that Taichi’s really become more of an adult.note 

While at Ken’s house, Miyako sees a picture of Osamu on the mantle and asks Ken if that’s his brother, which Ken confirms.

Taichi, Agumon, Sora, Piyomon, and Gabumon attend Yamato’s concert for a band contest, with Gabumon remarking that Yamato’s good at singing while Daisuke’s sister Jun makes a large ruckus in cheering for Yamato. Nearby, a Dark Tower begins to glow, and strange noise begins to get mixed into the band instruments; suddenly, a DarkTyrannomon and some Bakemon attack, causing the audience to flee in a panic. Taichi tries to get Agumon to evolve, but is unable to. As various Digimon attack the city, Taichi goes outside to see the Dark Tower...

The younger Chosen play cards at Ken’s house, and Ken, truly happy for the first time in a while, begins to genuinely laugh, which comes as a pleasant surprise to the other kids. Right outside, Ken’s mother is happy to see that there are children happy and laughing in her house. Soon after, however, the kids receive a call from Taichi talking about the crisis of the Dark Tower.

The kids arrive with armor-evolved Digimon and quickly take down the Dark Tower, allowing all of the Chosen Children present to normally evolve their Digimon. The Chosen’s Digimon quickly take on all of the rogue Digimon around them, while Jun and one of Miyako’s sisters look on, Jun remarking that it’s just like the event of three years prior.

Together, the kids’ Digimon gather the rogue Digimon in one place, and with the help of Koushirou’s laptop, they begin to send them back to the Digital World. The kids wonder why there’s a functioning Dark Tower in the real world, and Ken, remembering that he’d seen Archnemon in the real world before, realizes that she has the ability to travel back and forth between the worlds as will. With two Perfect-level Digimon left to send back to the Digital World, the younger Chosen have their Digimon Jogress evolve, and successfully send all the Digimon back.

Ken happily bids the others farewell and goes off to return home, and Sora and Hikari remark that Ken really has changed, while Daisuke hasn’t noticed it. Taichi remarks that Daisuke’s hopeless, but it probably makes Daisuke who he is.

As Taichi and Agumon crash at home, Taichi asks Agumon to stay until New Year’s, and we see a montage of all of the kids enjoying Christmas Eve with their Digimon.

Christmas, however, turns out to be much less pleasant: the morning news shows that Dark Towers have suddenly popped up all over the world. On top of that, Koushirou sees on his computer that Digital Gates have somehow appeared everywhere as well...