Recap / Burn Notice S 6 E 8 Unchained

A grieving and angry Michael is horrified to find out that the investigation on Nate's death has been closed. Sam manages to strike a deal with an FBI buddy. If Michael can help take down a fugitive mobster named Quinn then Sam's buddy Agent Woods will give them the file.

Michael comes up with one of his usual intricate plans. He and Quinn's second in command Jimmy Leary are arrested and in the same car and Fi breaks them out. Mike manages to persuade Jimmy to take him to Quinn but he is forced to ditch his clothes (which have a tracker in them) and Fi has to stay with two mooks. Mike gives Quinn some intel about the hospital where a wounded key witness is dying and then he and Fi make a co-ordinated attack. Fi easily gets the drop on the two mooks and Mike manages to hole up in Quinn's study with Quinn as hostage and having set a sun hut on fire as a signal to Sam and Agent Woods in place of the tracker.

Agent Woods arrives just in time to stop Quinn's men executing Mike and Mike gets to study the file which as usual contains one slim lead into who might be behind Nate's death.

Wouldn't Hit a Girl: Subverted. Fi gets hit in the face while on speakerphone with Mike and Quinn as a way of demonstrating Quinn means business.