Recap / Bottom Smells

Richie and Eddie come home from trying it on with birds down the pub, and fail. Eddie suggests putting an ad in the lonely hearts column of a newspaper. Whilst reading Richie finds a advert for "pheramone sex scent" Richie suggest buying some.

The two go to a sex shop and the clerk mocks them for buying "a sex spray for inadequate men who find it impossible to atract women". Richie claims they are scientists but Eddie ruins the plan.

They return to flat to get ready by drawing chest hair on themselves with a biro pen and shaving Eddie's tongue. They have small fight after trying to pluck nose hair and depart to the lamb and flag.

They try to pick up two birds who turn out to be lesbians. Eddie sprays the pheramone into his mouth which send him into a drunk-like state. He trys to hit on Richie and gets a punch in the face for it.