Recap / Baccano 1934 Peter Pan In Chains Interlude Four

Alcatraz, Cafeteria.

It's the day after Firo stole Huey's eye. After the encounter last night, Firo and Ladd were taken back to their respective cells by one of the guards, a vessel of Sham.

They met up again at the cafeteria during the meal—Ladd is now expressing his excitement at the situation. He then explains to Firo that, as a teenager, he had once broken into the office of the Nebula chairman for fun. He never killed the chairman, though, because the chairman was the kind of man who didn't seem to care when he died.

Dragon suddenly takes a seat beside them, and warns Firo that although Sham will not be bothering them any further, they should watch out for retaliation from Huey's end—or more specifically, Leeza. He explains that to Leeza, Huey is the culmination of everything she holds dear—he's equivalent to a god to her.

Ladd then laughs, claiming that this sounds very familiar. He then guesses that Leeza is the younger sister of Chane. Firo recalls that he had seen Chane several times before with Claire, and realizes that she bears a striking resemblance to Huey. He's about to ask Dragon to elaborate, but the bell rings to signal the end of mealtime.

As they all get off their seats, Ladd asks Dragon about Lua. Dragon tells him that Lua escaped, and that Placido Russo is dead.

Meanwhile, in Huey's cell.

Huey is reading a copy of the Daily Days, when Leeza suddenly stirs from sleep. Huey wakes her up, and Leeza bursts into tears, claiming that her vessels in Chicago are being taken away en masse.

Leeza curls up by herself again, and Huey falls into thought.

Leeza is actually only the name of the vessel—when she was an infant, Huey had her drink the water containing Hilton—however, he did not make a distinction between the two and raised her as Leeza.

Huey suspects that Renée is behind the disappearance of Hilton, when Sham bursts in and reports that his vessels in Chicago are also being rounded up. Huey then wonders to himself how Renée could have known about the Hive Mind, and decides to test a hypothesis. He orders Sham to tie up Victor in New York and send him a message of apology.

Leeza, meanwhile, is not paying attention.

She wonders to herself how her perfect daddy could be in such a bind. She goes over the events that occurred, and comes to the conclusion that one person is responsible for all this trouble—she convinces herself that this person is responsible for letting Ladd loose, insulting Huey, and destroying her world. And despite Huey's orders to the contrary, Leeza swears that she will bring suffering to Firo.