Recap / Baccano 1934 Alice In Jails Street Episode Prologue Seven

Chicago. Winter of 1933.

Christopher awakens on some sort of hospital bed, in pain and half-conscious. He then notices a boy about 12 years old sitting at his bedside.

After losing to Felix Walken during the Mist Wall incident, Chris was letting off some steam by taking in the nature at the Chicago lakeshore, but he was attacked by a vengeful drug addict and stabbed in the back. He killed his attacker and tried to leave, but the blood loss left him weak and on the verge of death.

That was when he encountered Ricardo and asked him to be his friend.

Remembering what happened before waking up in the hospital bed, Chris introduces himself to Ricardo and falls unconscious again.

Several days later, as his wounds began healing, Christopher mentally goes over his situation. For some reason, the boy—Ricardo Russo—got the Russo Family members to help him and get him to a doctor. The doctor tells Christopher that the Russo Family took care of the drug addict's body, but Christopher doesn't necessarily owe them anything because the addict was already causing trouble for the Russo Family.

Christopher doesn't ask too many questions because he thinks that sooner or later, one of the twins will contact him and he will go right back to serving Huey.

When the doctor leaves, Ricardo enters, calling him "Chris". Christopher doesn't mind, and thanks Ricardo properly for saving him and agreeing to become his friend. After a moment of awkward silence, Chris asks Ricardo why he saved him, advising as a friend that agreeing to be friends out of the blue with strangers could destroy his life.

Ricardo stoically answers that that's exactly why he saved Chris. He thought that Chris could be the one to destroy everything he hates, including Ricardo himself. Chris doesn't mind that they're friends just because Ricardo wants to use him for his own ends—he likes simple answers.

Ricardo tells Chris that he was hiding when saw Chris and Chi killing all those Russo men earlier. He hasn't told his grandfather Placido, though. Ricardo promises to explain what's on his mind to Chris once they become closer friends.

Chris brings up the possibility that he could just kill Ricardo on the spot and flee, but Ricardo says that he doesn't mind being killed by a friend. Chris thinks Ricardo's an interesting person, and promises to introduce him to the other Lamia members—he thinks Ricardo would get along great with Rail and Frank.

Chris decides to stick with Ricardo until the twins contact him and he can go back to working with Lamia.

After recovering from his injuries, Chris joins the Russo Family as Ricardo's bodyguard. Nothing ever really happened to Ricardo that needed Chris to fight, so a a year passed peacefully, with no contact from Huey.