Recap / Baccano 1934 Alice In Jails Street Episode Interlude

Alcatraz Island, basement.

Huey and Leeza are in his cell. Leeza asks her daddy why he's allowing Rail to live even after going against all his orders. She adds that Rail's been badmouthing Huey the whole time, and asks if she could just kill him right now.

Huey smiles and pats Leeza on the head, gently scolding her for even thinking such a thing. After all, Rail is supposed to be one of her True Companions. Leeza replies that she doesn't think of Rail as one, so Huey tells her that Rail is still supposed to be his guinea pig—and a good girl wouldn't break her daddy's research subjects.

Huey confirms with Leeza that the members of Lamia have gathered in Chicago, with the exception of Christopher—he's still MIA.

Huey changes the subject—an immortal under Victor's command is due to arrive at Alcatraz, and he plans to call in the immortal to have a word with him sometime soon. As Victor seems to have taken the bait in New York, Huey decides that as soon as he has confirmation, he will begin the experiment in Chicago.

Leeza nods, and once again expresses her dissatisfaction with Rail—even when he was nearly in tears after Christopher's disappearance, he had continued to badmouth Huey. Huey informs Leeza that Rail must have been particularly upset because Christopher, Adele, and Frank were the only ones who showed concern when he was horrifically experimented upon.

Leeza complains that Rail is even talking like Chris now, but Huey tells her that it's not too surprising, as Rail is still young and impressionable. Rail becoming more human through contact with others isn't particularly undesirable to Huey—after all, even if Rail decided to quit explosives, Huey could always create a replacement for the job. Leeza asks if she could kill Rail if he does become useless, but Huey warns her that it's unwise to make death threats without preparing to be retaliated upon in return.

Leeza is confident that she could kill Rail with ease, but Huey reminds her that Rail is part of Lamia for a reason—he wouldn't have assigned him there is he couldn't take on any normal human. Then Huey adds that even he hadn't taken into consideration the possibility of something beyond a normal human.