Recap / Age of Heroes Saga

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    Age Of Heroes I 
Following the conclusion of Dawn of the Dragon, Spyro and Cynder make their way to Spyro's family home, where they reunite with Sparx, and Spyro has a dream where Ignitus - now the Chronicler - tells him to travel to the Dragon Temple. Spyro, Cynder and Sparx do so, and find that the Guardians are searching for Dragon colonies - made by survivors of the Dragon-Ape War - in the hope of finding a replacement for Ignitus as Fire Guardian.

In time, contact is made with several such colonies, and two Elders travel to Warfang with their chosen candidates; Flame and Ember. The Guardians promptly schedule a number of banquets for their guests, and organise a masquerade ball for the final night. Cynder becomes worried that Ember will be a rival for Spyro's love, and confronts her the following day about her flirty behaviour. Ember in return notes that Spyro and Cynder aren't mates, so she won't stop trying for him. On the night of the ball, Sparx helps Cynder prepare, before steering Spyro - already struggling with Ember's attempts to win him over - towards her, and the two inadvertantly end up dancing an old romantic dance together.

Following the dance, Flame approaches Ember - who he secretly is in love with - and requests they be friends; she agrees. The next day, while flying outside, Ember encounters a strange creature in the forest; a Wyvern. The Wyvern claims to be lost and requests a meeting with Spyro, but swears Ember to secrecy lest his tribe banish him for seeking aid from a dragon. Ember promptly goes to find Spyro, only for Cynder to accuse her of fabricating the story to spend time with Spyro. To prove herself, Ember gives Cynder her heart-shaped pendant; a gift from her deceased mother, and tells her she can keep it if she's lying.

Ember takes Spyro to the Wyvern, who requests Spyro lead him home at night - Wyverns being nocturnal by nature. Spyro agrees, but when he returns, the Wyvern attacks him and Ember, and tries to escape with his unconcious body. However, Cynder witnesses the Wyvern and informs Terrador, who raises the alarm. The Wyvern is soon captured, but before they can kill it it stabs Spyro with its barbed tail; injecting him with poison. Cynder sucks out the poison to save Spyro, and they take him back to the Dragon Temple to recuperate - Ember secretly aiding Spyro's healing by kissing him. Realising that someone sent the Wyvern after Spyro, the Guardians decide to speed up the training of Flame and Ember; initially getting them to study before placing them in sparring matches against Spyro and Cynder.

After several weeks of losing to Spyro, Flame abruptly and uncharacteristically challenges Spyro to a duel. The Guardians intervene, and soon realise that the present alignment of the moons is creating a strange light that affects the emotions of any who become overwhelmed by its light. They promptly order the young dragons to remain inside for their own safety, but Cynder becomes annoyed at not being able to see Spyro and inadvertantly becomes "moon-sighted" when resting too close to her room balcony. Overwhelmed by desire, she goes to Spyro and attempts to force herself on him, but he recognises her strange behavior as being caused by the moonlight and tries to stop her. Ember enters and manages to snap Cynder out of it, and she flees in shame. Spyro follows after her to comfort her, and in the process the two confess their love for one another and kiss. Unknown to either of them, Ember witnessed their kiss, and becomes depressed as a result. When she becomes injured in a sparring match, Flame takes her to her room, and she requests he stay with her. He does, and she kisses him.

The next day, a pack of Wyverns attack Warfang, and Spyro, Cynder, Flame and Ember rush to repel them. In the aftermath, Ember apologises to Flame for her actions the night before; causing Flame to break down and flee in grief. When he stops to rest at a mountain range near Warfang, a drake - a wingless dragon - named Fiona approaches him. After learning his story, she notes her father Maximus could help Flame win Ember, and she takes him to meet him. Maximus tells Flame all he needs to replace Spyro in Ember's mind is power, and offers to teach him a new power. Upon returning to Warfang, Flame goes to spar with Spyro, and manages to best him with an energy beam, which severely injures Spyro. Realising what he's done, he flees back to Maximus, who manipulates him into thinking that Spyro wasn't really hurt; instead he was pretending to lose out of pity for Flame. In response, Flame plans another attack on Spyro, but is repelled by Cynder.

At Warfang, Ember and Spyro both conclude Flame wasn't behaving normally, and Spyro begins coming up with a plan to track Flame. Back at the mountains, Maximus manipulates Flame further and manages to take control of his mind, before sending him with a pack of Wyvern to attack Spyro. During the resulting battle, Spyro and Ember both attempt to break through to Flame, but he flees before they can do so. In the aftermath, Flame returns to the battlefield and captures Cynder in an ambush. Unknown to him, Spyro and Cynder planned for this to happen, and Spyro uses the Vision Pool at the Dragon Temple to find her and Flame's location. Ember inadvertantly sees a vision of herself fighting Flame, and requests to be the one to fight him. Before they leave, Ember reveals she has the power to heal others through kisses, and uses this power to bring Spyro back to full strength.

Spyro and Ember soon reach Maximus' caves in the mountains, and they split up. Spyro finds Cynder; who had already escaped from her cell using her Shadow power, but not before learning that Maximus was a former servant of Malefor, who was tasked with tracking down and destroying his rivals in the unlikely event he was defeated. As the two flee approaching Wyverns, they end up encountering Maximus, who they do battle with. At the same time, Ember finds Flame with Fiona, and battles her when she sees her kissing Flame. Ember overpowers Fiona and manages to snap Flame out of it, but Fiona attacks Ember savagely and she begins falling unconcious; confessing she's fallen in love with Flame before she does. In anger, Flame becomes unable to control his powers and turns on Fiona, but Ember slowly recovers when her pendant heals her and manages to release Flame. Fiona attempts one final attack, but Ember kills her as she leaps at Flame, and the two make their escapes.

Elsewhere, Spyro and Cynder fight Maximus, only for the caverns to begin collapsing as a result of all the fighting. Spyro and Maximus fall into a lower cavern, but Cynder comes to his aid, and they kill Maximus when he attempts to pursue them out of the cave. Spyro and Cynder then flee the collapsing caverns through a hole made by one of Flame's attacks, and reunite with Flame and Ember. In the aftermath, Ember meets with Flame, and the two properly decide to become a couple.

A month later, Flame is selected to become the new Fire Guardian - Ember having recommended he get the position over her - but Ember is appointed his "Advisor". As the two leave so that Flame can formally announce this position to the inhabitants of various settlements, the Guardians reveal to Spyro and Cynder that they are planning to step down, and are now seeking replacements for their own positions.

    Age Of Heroes II 
The story begins with a retelling of the final events of Dawn Of The Dragon; as Spyro repairs the world, the crystal containing the imprisoned Malefor is banished from the world.

Eighteen months after the events of Age of Heroes I, as Flame and Ember return to Warfang, fragments of the crystal begin falling to the world as meteorites. A pair of young black dragons stumble across one such meteor, and a part of Malefor's essence manifests from it; possessing one and killing the other. In the black dragon's body, Malefor approaches a pack of wolves whose leader is already controlled by another part of his essence, and manages to set himself up as their leader. He designates one wolf; Snarl, as the Alpha of the pack, and begins planning to launch an attack against a dragon city, while capturing all the black dragons within it.

At Warfang, Spyro subconciously becomes aware of danger, and soon discovers from Hunter - fleeing with his village from the attacking wolves - that a northern wolf tribe is preparing to attack a dragon city; the home of Flame and two of the Guardian candidates. Spyro, Cynder, Flame, Ember and the young guardian candidates - twin siblings Tremor and Gaia for Earth, Stella for Electricity, and Candice for Ice - promptly travel to the city and help defend it from an initial attack. The wolves attack again the next day, and during the battle Gaia is killed by Snarl; her energy fusing with Tremor's as she dies. In the aftermath, Candice attempts to comfort Tremor - the two normally being enemies - and their relationship with one another gradually begins to improve.

Later, Spyro notices a black dragon being pursued by wolves. He rescues the dragon and brings him into the city, only for it to attack him; revealing himself to be none other than Malefor. The others arrive, and Malefor reveals that none of them will be able to see him, before threatening to kill Cynder if Spyro attempts to tell her about him. Over the next few weeks - during which time the guardians return to Warfang, along with Liun; a young black dragon in love with Stella - Malefor tortures Spyro physically and mentally, forcing him to make up stories to the others to explain his injuries. Cynder suspects something and attempts to spy on him, but without success. Eventually, Malefor pushes Spyro to breaking point and he attacks him just as the others try to get him to reveal the truth.

The guardians quickly see through Malefor's illusion and attempt to join the battle, but end up in the Training Room, where manifestations of Dark Cynder, Dark Spyro, Gaul and Malefor overwhelm them. Cynder defeats them when she arrives, but in the chaos Malefor escapes with Spyro, and stabs him with a crystal in Spyro's room to drain his powers. Cynder manages to find Malefor and manages to kill the black dragon he's possessing. Malefor's essence flees, but not before revealing that he has plenty of hosts now in the form of the captured black dragons.

Some time later, Mole-Yair arrives at Warfang with the Manweersmalls, and reveals that Malefor's force have taken over Munitions Forge; apparently searching for something within Boyzitbig. In the night, Ignitus appears to Cynder in her dreams, and tells her that Spyro is going to lose his powers over the coming weeks as a result of the crystal Malefor stabbed him with. Fearing what Spyro will do if he learns this, Cynder decides to keep it a secret.

The next day, Warfang is attacked by Titanus; an enormous dragon who Malefor freed from within Boyzitbig. Terrador reveals the history of Titanus to Ember and Flame; telling them that Titanus was imprisoned many years ago and can only be defeated by fire. However, the Fire Guardian who imprisoned him died doing so, which makes Ember fear for Flame's life. Titanus attacks and destroys part of Warfang, while the guardians begin attack his body's weak points. In the heat of the moment, Spyro gains a new power; turning silver, and flies directly through Titanus' body; killing him. Spyro collapses in the aftermath and wakes with no recollection of the power he used. In the night, Spyro has a vision of fighting wolves at Dante's Freezer - where his fire breath refuses to work - and the guardians decide to travel as a group to Dante's Freezer to find Malefor's fortress. Unknown to Spyro, Cynder also had a vision; Ignitus came to her and told her she would have to rejoin Malefor's forces in order to gain the power necessary to protect Spyro.

Upon arrival at Dante's Freezer, the guardians are attacked by wolves, and Spyro, Cynder and Liun go missing; they have been captured by Snarl, who drains Spyro's ice energy with another crystal. Cynder manages to escape and disrupt the crystal - sending its energy into a wolf, which becomes mutated and flees - before offering her services to Snarl in return for the release of Spyro, which Snarl accepts.

Outside, Tremor and Candice begin arguing with one another about battle tactics and the two storm off when Candice goes too far and insults Gaia. Alone, the two wonder about their relationship with one another; Tremor is met by the spirit of Gaia, who can tell he secretly loves Candice, and she convinces him to confess his true feelings. As goes to find her with a hastily-made bouquet of flowers, Candice, Candice encounters the wolf mutated by Spyro's ice element and becomes overwhelmed by it. The others arrive and rescue her, however; Tremor believes that Candice has died and flees, prompting the others to send her after him when they defeat the wolf. When Tremor realises she's alive, he reveals his feelings for her and they kiss, but Candice struggles with her conflicting feelings for him and eventually pulls away.

Meanwhile, the other guardians find the entrance to the caverns Spyro and the others are imprisoned in. Snarl prepares to attack them, but Malefor notes that Spyro needs to heal before he can drain more energy from him, and thus orders them to retreat - with Cynder - and leave Spyro for them to find. Flame and Ember enter and manage to rescue both Liun and Spyro; who they find brutally injured and hanging from a wall. They get him to the surface and decide to set up camp in a beach cave until Spyro can heal. Spyro plans to go after Cynder as soon as he wakes, but the others talk him out of it. However, Liun goes too far, and a fight breaks out between him and the others, resulting in Tremor duelling Liun and sending him away when he bests him. Unknown to any of them, Liun is Malefor's host, and was attempting to split them up with his words. Upon return to his real base, Liun mutates a wolf with dark magic, and sends it after the guardians.

Back at the cave, Tremor and Candice continue to struggle with their feelings for one another. After Spyro sneaks away with Sparx to find Cynder, the two argue about whether he did the right thing or not. In the aftermath, Stella takes Candice away to talk with her about Tremor, and Tremor ends up attacked by the mutated wolf. Stella manages to convince Candice to try a relationship with Tremor, and the two head back to their cave as a storm begins. Upon arrival at the cave, they realise that Tremor is missing, and they split up to try and find him while Flame and Ember head inland to escape the storm. At the same time, Tremor gets overpowered by the mutated wolf - even when aided by the spirit of Gaia - and winds up seriously injured before he can manage to kill it. Candice finds his mangled body and believes he's died, but the arrival of the other guardians allows Ember to use her healing power to slowly bring him back from death's door.

Meanwhile, Snarl imprisons Cynder in his pack's underground home city. In her cell, she meets Exile - a magically skilled wolf who was imprisoned when he refused to help the former Alpha use magic to attack his neighbours - who offers to teach Cynder all he knows. And after some training, Snarl arrives at the prison and attempts to return Cynder to her former self as the "Terror Of The Skies"; however, Cynder wills herself to resist, resulting in her regaining her old powers and size, but escaping the control of Malefor. Cynder then pretends to be a servant of Malefor, and heads for Dante's Freezer with Snarl when he gives her orders to seek out Spyro.

At Dante's Freezer, Tremor gradually recovers, and he and Candice formally begin their relationship by mating. Not long afterwards, Cynder arrives with Snarl and a pack of wolves, and ends up forced into battle with the guardians, despite her initial plan to lead the wolves down a false trail. Spyro abruptly arrives and tries to appeal to her, eventually becoming Dark Spyro out of grief at her feigned lack of empathy. Cynder inadvertantly downs him by attacking his chest, but uses her wind attack to blast everyone else away, before landing to check on him. Her new powers are able to heal Spyro's injuries, and she then retrieves Snarl and flees; covering for herself by saying that Spyro will need to heal before Malefor can drain his energy again.

Snarl imprisons Cynder again, but she uses her shadow power to escape, and heads back to spy on the others; inadvertantly witnessing Spyro talking with Stella about his future plan to propose to Cynder. Spyro realises Cynder is nearby and chases after her. Cynder eventually reveals to him that she's only pretending to work for Malefor, but she refrains from telling him why. The two rest together, and the next morning Cynder returns to the prison, but not before telling Spyro she accepts his proposal.

Upon return, Cynder finds Snarl preparing for a fresh attack, and joins his forces as they head after the others. Unknown to Snarl, Cynder and Spyro have prepared for this, and they pretend to fight one another while the guardians ambush the wolves. During the battle, Flame's old power re-emerges, Stella gets blasted away by her own attack and gets abducted by black dragons, and Gaia reappears and alerts Tremor to Snarl's location. Tremor goes after Snarl, who begins taunting him in an attempt to make him overcome with darkness. Candice realises this and knocks him out, before letting Snarl escape. Tremor argues with her about this when he wakes, but she ultimately convinces him not to seek vengeance, as she fears losing him to it.

Cynder feigns defeat as the battle draws to a close, and retreats with Snarl. Upon return to his city, Snarl receives orders to shift forces to Munitions Forge, and Cynder promptly flees under the pretext of going to speak with Malefor. At the same time, Stella wakes and finds herself with Liun, who - with Malefor - tries to convince her obtain her loyalty by giving her whatever she wants. Stella desires a family, and Malefor shows her an image of her future if she complies, but she becomes horrified when she sees her friends all dead and refuses. Stella then tries to get Liun to break free of Malefor's control, only for him to reveal that he was working from Malefor from the start, and is content to become the most powerful dragon in the world. She then flees, but ends up pursued by Malefor's army of black dragons.

Meanwhile, Cynder reaches the guardians as they decide to look for Stella, and explains her recent actions to them, and also explains to Spyro what she knows about his missing powers. Stella soon reaches them and they rescue her from her pursuers. Cynder then decides to return to the wolf city and rescue Exile, but she finds he has gone, and Liun is there instead - Malefor having since realised Cynder was a spy. After a short battle, he gets the upper hand, and then attempts to rape her to hurt both her and Spyro, but he mentally hears her cries and uses his time power to freeze time long enough to save her. Spyro and Cynder then fight Liun, but their battle causes the underground city to collapse.

Spyro and Cynder escape and return to the others, but Liun follows them and launches a surprise attack; stabbing Cynder and abducting Spyro and Stella. Liun imprisons them both at Munitions Forge, and begins draining Spyro's earth powers. He then tells him he killed Cynder, resulting in Spyro becoming Dark Spyro. At the same time, Ember manages to heal Cynder, and they decide to pursue Liun to Munitions Forge, where they split up to find both Spyro and Stella. Flame rescues Cynder whileCynder and Tremor find Spyro. Cynder engages in battle with Liun, while Tremor takes Spyro and the crystal away. Encountering Flame, Tremor tells him to take Spyro while he stays behind to destroy the crystal. After Flame and the others leave, Tremor cracks the crystal and throws it into a pool of lava, which makes Boyzitbig begin to shake. In the resulting chaos, the guardians manage to flee Munitions Forge as Boyzitbig erupts with Liun and Tremor still inside.

As the guardians retreat to a safe place and rest, Spyro has a vision of a strange dragoness flying through the mountains. Upon waking, they decide to try and find the dragoness. However, they are ambushed from below the ground by Liun and his forces, who are revealed to have survived the eruption of Boyzitbig. Liun imprisons them all at Cynder's old fortress at Concurrent Skies, but takes Spyro to have his electricity powers drained, and gives Candice to Snarl for torturing - along with Tremor, who they inadvertantly saved when escaping Boyzitbig.

When Tremor wakes, Snarl again taunts him with Gaia's death in an attempt to make him overcome with darkness. Candice - restrained - snaps him out of it, so Snarl attacks her and forces Tremor to fight him. Although Snarl briefly has the upper hand by merit of being able to control the Earth element as well as Tremor, Candice manages to entangle him in her restraints, and Tremor - aided by Gaia - kills Snarl. Meanwhile, Spyro wakes from a vision of a mysterious female dragon and finds himself imprisoned once more. Liun and Malefor then enter his mind and play tricks on him; telling him his friends are all dead, save for Cynder, who has become evil once more and is Liun's mate.

Cynder and the others manage to escape their cell and meet up with Tremor and Candice, and make their way to the room where Spyro and Liun are. They attack Liun, only for Dark Spyro to fight them back. Cynder attempts to break through to Spyro while Malefor tries to convince him it's another illusion. Amidst the chaos, Stella attacks the crystal containing Spyro's energy in an attempt to overwhelm it, but Dark Spyro hits it, which makes the energy rebound into him and explode; destroying the fortress, and burying Liun under a vast amount of rubble. Recovering Spyro's severely injured body, the others decide to continue searching for the dragoness and the location he saw. As they leave, Liun emerges from the wreckage of the fortress. Malefor reminds him that his revival is of the utmost importance, and Liun begins plotting an alternative way to gain the energy Malefor needs...

    Age Of Heroes III 

After the destruction of his fortress at Concurrent Skies, Liun and Malefor travel with their forces - the black dragons and the Southern Wolf Pack - to Warfang, where the Guardians have become concerned about the absence of the guardian candidates. On his orders, Scraunch - the Southern Pack Alpha - injures Liun, and leaves him outside the city, where he is discovered by sentries. They bring him inside the city, where he quickly overwhelms the Guardians.

Meanwhile, the guardian candidates continue their search for the dragoness in Spyro's vision. While sitting watch outside their cave shelter, Candice spots a shadow, and follows it to find the dragoness in question; Static. After convincing her she isn't a threat, Static offers to lead her and the others to her home in the mountains; Certrona. Since the wind currents prevent them from flying directly up to it, they are forced to climb the mountain - still carrying the unconcious Spyro - until they reach a stairwell hewn from the rock. In time, they reach the top of the stairs and discover that Certrona is a hidden dragon city; built from the ruins of an academy destroyed nearly a thousand years prior. Spyro is taken to be treated by Singe, a healer, while the other dragons meet with the Elders of Certrona - along with Exile, who escaped the wolf city when they moved to Munitions Forge - who give them a pavilion to live in for as long as they stay.

As Spyro slowly recovers, two young dragons in Certrona attempt to court the newcomers; Infernus tries to attract the attention of Stella by secretly giving her roses, and eventually gets it when she uses her electrical powers to locate him via his pulse, and Max - a dragon mutated by Malefor's forces - approaches Cynder, but quickly realises she's in a relationship with Spyro, and they become friends instead. Spyro eventually wakes, and warns them of danger at Warfang, but the healer puts him back to sleep as he is still too weak. When he does recover, the others request that the Elders let Spyro train in Certrona until he can regain his powers. They agree, and appoint Exile his tutor.

As Spyro goes off to train in the "Tower of Enlightenment", the others decide to spar. Max faces off against Tremor, but Tremor gets felled almost immediately and ends up spitting blood. Noting that he'd been coughing ever since their escape from Concurrent Skies, the others take him to the healer, where they realise that Tremor's lungs are clogged with swallowed ash from Munitions Forge. To save him, the healer gets the guardians to drown Tremor to flood his lungs with water, so that they can then pull the ash out with their elemental powers. While doing this, the ash gets clogged in Tremor's throat, but Candice saves him by leaping on his stomach; forcing him to cough it up.

Within the Tower of Enlightenment, Spyro learns various powers from Exile within the tower over the course of several days, including astral travelling and using the magic energy around him to charge his elemental powers. In Certrona, Infernus and Stella almost take their relationship to the next level, but Stella becomes overcome with memories of Liun and flees. Ember finds out and explains Stella's history to Infernus, and notes she just needs time. Infernus then reveals he's skilled with metal, and is in the process of creating a set of trinkets for Stella as a gift.

At the same time, a healed Tremor confesses to Candice that he's been thinking of giving up his position as Guardian candidate, as he's nearly died twice in recent battles. He notes that the two of them could settle down in Certrona, but Candice becomes angry at him and sends him away. Not long afterwards, Candice encounters a dragoness; Shard, who talks with her about relationships. Shard notes that if Tremor truly loves her, he'll realise his mistake and come back.

Not long afterwards, Hunter arrives in Certrona, and reveals that Warfang has fallen to Malefor. The Elders and the guardians go to discuss their next move with Hunter, but Candice prevents Tremor from entering; noting it's "guardian business", and he doesn't want to be a guardian. Tremor leaves, thinking about his choice, and ends up changing his mind after encountering a young earth dragoness who he helps master a new power. Shortly afterwards, Tremor discovers from Static - scouting the area - that wolves - led by Tuerto, an underling of Scraunch - have followed Hunter to Certrona, and he goes to raise the alarm. He rushes to join the Guardians and begin making plans, but when he approaches Candice, she tells him she's done with him. In reality, she's lying so that she can be sure that Tremor's coming back for the right reasons, and not just because he loves her.

As the inhabitants of Certrona go to repel the wolves, Spyro and Exile ascend to the final level of the Tower of Enlightenment, where he will obtain a new power. On the final level, Spyro finds himself in a world of stars, and a female voice - the same voice who spoke to him at Concurrent Skies - speaks to him; telling him it is her duty to watch over the inhabitants of his world along with the ancestors. The voice offers Spyro the power to protect his loved ones, but Spyro says he's not interested in being powerful, he only wants to be able to protect them. The voice reveals this was his final test, and he passed it; as a result, the voice manifests in the form of a dragoness, and bestows the power she guards upon Spyro. The force of the power destroys the top floor of the tower, and Spyro - turned silver - uses his new power to knock the remaining wolves off the mountain. Liun senses this, and is alarmed.

The next day, the guardians decide to make for Warfang, only to be joined by Max and two other young dragons; Zephyr and Plax. Infernus attempts to join them, but due to injuries gained fighting the wolves, he is forced to stay. At Warfang, Liun wakes - having dreamt about how he initially met Malefor in the woods after another dragon insulted his lack of skill and power - and talks with Malefor about their new plan; since they are unable to get energy from Spyro to resurrect Malefor, they will use the energy from the Guardians and Elders.

Not long afterwards, the guardians reach Warfang, and launch an attack on the city. As they make their way for the Temple at the top of Warfang, Max gets severely injured defending Cynder, and prepares to die. However, Candice freezes him solid, and gets Zephyr and Plax to take him back to Certrona. The guardians then reach the Temple, where they discover the Guardians - and Elder Infernus; Flame's grandfather - imprisoned in energy crystals. The Guardians perish when the crystals drain their life force, and Liun absorbs the energy, allowing Malefor to properly restore himself within his body.

The force of this destroys the Temple, and scatters the guardians across the surrounding area; Flame and Ember end up with Mason and the remnants of the Warfang army, Candice and Tremor end up alone in the forest - where they reconcile; Tremor stating he'll never consider leaving again if it means losing Candice - Hunter rescues Stella and takes her to his village, and Spyro and Cynder - and Sparx - wind up in the mountains near Warfang. Before they can regroup, Scraunch knocks out Tremor and captures Candice - originally having planned to kill him to avenge the wolves he killed - and Ember and Flame get captured when the ghosts of the Apes that served Malefor assault the Warfang army. They get brought to Liun, and, on Scraunch's advice, corrupted by Malefor's magic.

In the mountains, Spyro manages to use his new powers to find their scattered forces, and manages to get them to regroup outside Warfang for a final assault. As they prepare to attack the black dragons - to capture them rather than kill them, as they'll be released from Malefor's power once he's defeated - reinforcements arrive from Certrona and the other dragon cities; Spyro reveals he also managed to contact them with his new powers. While they take care of the forces in Warfang, Spyro, Cynder and the guardians go after Liun, only to find themselves stopped by Dark versions of Candice, Ember and Flame. Tremor, Stella and Cynder decide to battle them, leaving Spyro to face Liun and Malefor alone.

As Spyro fights Liun with his new power, the others manage to release their friends from Malefor's hold; Tremor snaps Candice out of it with words of love, but not before becoming fatally injured, Stella defeats Ember when she breaks her pendant, and Flame is eventually overcome when Cynder reminds him of Ember, and she arrives with Stella, Candice and Tremor. They go to join Spyro, who ends up being stabbed through the chest by Liun - who inadvertantly kills Scraunch when he leaps in to help. The others battle Liun - save for Tremor, who dies of his injuries despite the ghostly Gaia's attempts to help him - and eventually defeat him when Spyro stabs him in the back with a fragment of one of Cynder's shattered collars - replicating the way Malefor initially overpowered him in Warfang - allowing the others to defeat him with their elemental attacks.

In the aftermath, Spyro collapses from his injuries, and dies after the others are unable to heal him. His spirit finds itself before the dragoness from the Tower of Enlightenment, who reveals he has been chosen to become a Celestial Dragon, like her, and thus he will watch over the inhabitants of his world. Spyro is ready to accept, but realises he's not ready to do so when he remembers Cynder. The dragoness understands and takes him - and Tremor, at Spyro's request - back to Warfang. Before she leaves, she tells Spyro that she's proud of him, and his "father would have been too".

Ten years pass, and the guardians - along with their families - formally unveil the reconstructed Dragon Temple at Warfang, while Tremor and Candice's twin daughters sneakily kiss Infernus and Stella's son before he can get away from them.

    Age Of Heroes: Karma and Convexity 

Beginning at the same time as Age of Heroes III, Karma and Convexity opens with Crona - a young white dragon, and a survivor of the Dragon-Ape war - travelling to Warfang, only to encounter Liun and his wolves as they prepare to storm the city. As she attempts to use her ability to control time - she lacks the ability to use elemental powers - to evade the wolves, they grow too numerous, and in her fear she opens a vortex which she is sucked into. When she emerges from the vortex, Crona finds herself seemingly in the same place, but she can no longer see Warfang, and becomes lost. In a nearby dragon city, mates-to-be Ampus - Amp - and Terra go exploring and stumble across an unconcious Crona, and bring her back to their family home so she can recover. When Crona wakes, Amp and Terra show her around the city, before taking her back to the forest, where they stumble across a severely injured young black dragon with one red eye. Crona recognises his injuries as being caused by Apes.

After taking the injured dragon back to their home, Crona goes to meet with the Guardians in the Dragon Council. Crona finds that the Guardians are different dragons from those she remembers, and have no recollection of the war between Dragons and Apes, prompting her to storm out in anger. After some thought, she decides to visit the city library, and after some research, she realises that she's inadvertantly travelled back in time a thousand years.

Not long afterwards, the black dragon wakes, and immediately tries to kill himself, but Crona prevents him from doing so. He slowly starts to recover, and is eventually taken before the Dragon Council, where he reveals his name is Certo, but refuses to talk about where he obtained his injuries. The blue fire guardian, Volcanus, informs him and Crona that the two of them will be allowed to join the other young dragons and study at their city's academy, but Certo becomes offended at the thought of having to "prove himself" to the other dragons and storms out. Crona subsequently learns from Terra that as a "wild" dragon, Certo is considered inferior by the inhabitants of the city.

After the others leave, the Guardians - including Amp, who is training to become the Lightning Guardian - discuss a prophecy made by their oracle; a white drake named Sin, and note that Certo's arrival may indicate it is coming to fruition. Amp then leaves to find Certo, but after finding him and spending time with him, decides that he doesn't think he's dangerous. Terra isn't so sure about this when he tells her, but Amp convinces her to spend time with him. Certo sees this as a forced attempt at friendship and flees, but Amp helps her find him and she offers to treat him better. Meanwhile, Crona is approached by Sin - who shares her ability to control time - who secretly tells her that he is aware the Dragon-Ape war will begin, but he will not attempt to stop it from happening; the dragons of this time see themselves as being better than others and if the war doesn't happen, this attitude will continue to the present day; effectively creating a world full of Malefors.

The next day, Crona and Certo - who have decided they can't stand one another - join the other dragons at the Academy. Crona and Certo both do well in physical training, but Certo begins to fail in historical studies because he cannot read the language used by the city. While at the academy, the two meet Titanus, the arrogant and bullying grandson of Volcanus. Titanus attempts to seduce Crona, but she spurns him, so he attempts to get Certo's help; Certo refuses, and quickly bests him in a fight when Titanus attacks him. Not long afterwards, another dragon approaches Crona and suggests they pose as mates to avoid Titanus' rage. Crona refuses, and Certo sees this and goes to attack the dragon, prompting Crona to knock Certo aside with her time power. Certo sustains a few minor injuries, and Crona is sent home with him to treat him. Amp and Terra watch as the two argue with one another, and Terra concludes that Crona secretly likes Certo.

The next day, Certo wakes from a dream of destruction and heads to the Academy early, flying over the gardens in an aerial dance. Kia, the Aerial Instructor, sees him and admires the dance, and gets him to help her record it. When their classes begin, Kia teaches Certo's dance to the dragons, and during a break, five dragonesses approach Certo in admiration. After learning of his struggles to learn the written language of the city, they offer to help him learn so he can pass an upcoming exam. Crona becomes annoyed when she learns about the dragonesses following Certo around, and eventually confronts them, first falsely accusing Certo of toying with them and then accusing the dragonesses of mistreating him, but they turn the tables by suggesting Crona secretly is in love with Certo - or Titanus or Cryus; a dragon training to be Ice Guardian who has a crush on her. Crona flees, and the dragonesses request Certo walk them home. When reaching the home of the last dragoness - Sabre - Certo is confronted by her parents, who call him a "bringer of death" and send him away, before forbidding Sabre from going to the Academy with him.

A few days later, the exams begin, forcing Sabre to sneak out to pass them. Certo ultimately passes, and gives the dragonesses flowers as thanks. A ball is subsequently scheduled, and Terra comes up with a plan to get Crona to realise her feelings for Certo, and recruits the aid of Amp and the dragonesses. On the night of the ball, Titanus' arrival threatens to spoil their plans when he confronts Crona directly, but Certo's arrival allows them to pretend they are together, and the two dance to spite him, before sitting outside together. Titanus leaves in anger, but is approached by Tectonica, the Earth Guardian, who reveals she wants to get rid of Certo, and she proposes they work together.

The next day, Terra notes her plan wasn't a complete success, and organises an outing, but Crona and Certo only end up fighting with one another. The day after that, Crona and Certo return to the academy, where they are to begin classes under the tutelage of Tectonica. Tectonica begins teaching the class about the various styles of fighting, before singling Certo out as a "feral fighter" and setting him against Titanus, who she covertly allows to injure Certo by distracting him. Certo soon turns the tables and bests Titanus, and Amp intervenes, accusing her of planning a fight between Certo and Titanus, before she sends him away. Terra is dubious about this at first, but after some thought decides she agrees with Amp about Certo.

During a break, Sabre treats Certo's injuries, but he flees from her when her words give him memory flashes. He reaches the gardens, where Titanus and his gang attack him. Crona hears the noise of the battle and rushes to find him, and prevents him from killing them with his wind element. After Certo stops, Titanus's gang restrains him, and Titanus attempts to rape Crona. Certo becomes overwhelmed with dark memories, and in his anger unleashes a vast amount of energy, which destroys the Academy. In the aftermath, Crona is told by a sobbing Certo that "they made me remember". Unknown to either of them, in the forest, a white dragon in the company of apes witnesses the attack.

Titanus and his gang survive the attack, but Certo is taken in front of the Guardians to stand trial for the destruction of the Academy. During the trial, Volcanus attempts to clear Titanus of blame, but eventually agrees to suspend him when the others object. Ultimately, Certo is expelled. Crona protests this and tries to appeal to Sin, who sheds some insight into the prophecy he made by telling Crona that "a shadow would fall upon the land when a black dragon came to rid the world of Sin". Crona subsequently decides to leave the Academy, and heads outside with Certo, where she learns from Terra's younger sister Maya that a white dragon resembling Certo is in the city. Certo becomes alarmed and rushes off to confront the dragon, who turns out to be his albino twin brother, Neros. As Apes under Neros' control storm the city, the brothers go into battle with one another; Certo trying to kill Neros. Neros overpowers him with Convexity, and tells him he intends to rid the world of dragons - and also plans to make Certo suffer like he did - before fleeing with his forces.

That night, the Guardians - and Crona - discuss Certo and the prophecy; Crona noting they unfairly assumed Certo was the dragon of the prophecy, which paved the way for the attack on the city. Certo overhears this - along with the discussion about whether to banish him or not - and decides to seek out Neros himself. Sabre approaches and tries to stop him, but is able to point Crona in his general direction after she emerges from the meeting. After some flying - and a hint from a family of dragonflies - Crona manages to catch up with Certo, and sets up camp with him in the forest to keep him company. The next day, Crona tries to get him to tell her about his past, but he refuses and a fight breaks out between the two; with Crona falling from the sky and breaking her forelimb when she momentarily pauses. Certo immediately realises his mistake and carries her back to their camp. When she wakes, Crona talks with Certo, and learns that he keeps himself distant from others because he blames himself when they get hurt.

Certo subsequently tells her - various details having already been revealed via flashback - his backstory; Certo and Neros were part of a large family of black dragons who lived in a cave in the forests. Neros was an albino, and in his youth was unable to stay outside withoout hurting his eyes or skin, which lead to the other members of his family seeing him as useless and viewing him with disgust. Certo cared for him and helped teach him when the others wouldn't; even discovering that Neros learned to manipulate his wind power to use as an aid when he was unable to see in normal light. Neros eventually ran away from home after being insulted by his family, but Certo managed to find where he went, and the two decided to secretly meet with one another at night. However, Certo's brother caught him in the act and prevented the two from meeting. Certo subsequently escaped and went after Neros, but failed to find him. When he returned to his house, Certo discovered his parents had been murdered by Apes, following Neros' orders. In the resulting chaos, Certo's entire family was killed, and he escaped with serious injuries.

When he finishes, Crona attempts to convince him to let others help, but the arrival of Apes prevents her from finishing, and they are forced to flee. Crona helps repel the apes by using her time power - and also by channelling the magical energy in the area to create an energy attack - but collapses in the aftermath from her injuries. Certo carries her back through a storm to Amp and Terra's home to be treated, but leaves when Terra's father Nitrus - the present Ice Guardian - prevents him from entering. Crona is subsequently treated by Nitrus' mate Thundra, but when she learns Nitrus denied Certo shelter during a storm purely out of fear of the prophecy, she confronts him, and threatens to leave him if he doesn't change his ways.

After four days, Crona falls ill, and Thundra realises that she has contracted "Sputum's Disease", and will die as the herb that cures the disease went extinct long ago. Certo - having been snuck in by Amp and Terra - decides not to give up, and travels to the Library to request aid. The librarians initially turn him away and summon the city guards, but the head librarian, Annol, eventually decides to aid him when he learns he is searching for a way to cure "Sputum's Disease", which his own mate died from. In time, the librarians find an ancient depiction of the plant that cured the disease; the Memorium. Certo recognises the plant, and leads the dragons to its location; the area where he and Neros used to secretly meet with one another. Certo promptly takes a sample and returns to the city while the others get more. As they go to leave, the elderly Annol decides to remain behind and meet his fate; passing his title to his grandson Stratus. Meanwhile, Certo makes his way to Crona's side - after fighting with Cryus, who attempted to keep him away - and gives the plant to Thundra to create the mixture to cure Crona with. Due to the late stage of the disease, they are forced to administer the mixture rectally; although Certo faints when learning this. Crona slowly recovers, and in the aftermath, Stratus and the Guard Captain, Cytros, tell Certo that his actions have humbled them, and they comfort him when he learns that Annol did not return with them.

When Crona completely recovers, she and Certo are given rooms by Kia, and they begin discussing how they can defeat Neros. Certo is insistent that there's no way they can negotiate with his brother, but while Certo attempts to get the guards to scout out the Ape territory, Crona goes to meet with a group of captured Apes in the hopes of finding Neros. She attempts to convince them to lead her to them by demonstrating her powers; using her time power to unlock their cell, but they promptly escape and knock her unconcious. Crona wakes to find herself with Neros - curious about her powers - who she tries to appeal with. Neros explains to her that dragons are arrogant and only care about self-gain, so he's going to exterminate them for the good of the planet. Crona then reveals she's from the future, and warns him about Malefor. This backfires; instead, Neros decides to use Crona and her power to join Malefor and help him destroy the world. Before he can do anything, Certo arrives - having tracked the apes - and rescues her, but berates her for ignoring what he told her.

Some time later, Certo discovers a hidden ape camp while searching the forest near the city. He informs Cytros of this, and Cytros sends another dragon; Radiance, to aid him in scouting them while he remains with Crona to discuss defences. Crona is promptly approached by Sin - freezing time to speak with her - who tells her that she needs to help Certo master his special energy power so that the knowledge she learns can be used in the future by a certain fire dragon - Flame. At the same time, Certo and Radiance head for the ape camp, but Neros is able to sense their location with his power and attacks; killing Radiance with a Convexity blast and capturing Certo. He then orders the apes to attack the city, and goes after Crona, only for her to flee from him. Amp, Terra and Cryus go to fight Neros, but he overpowers them - and slashes at Cryus' eye - before the Guardians can arrive and force him to flee. Meanwhile, at Neros' camp, the Apes force Certo to watch them dismember Radiance's corpse, which again results in him being overwhelmed by bad memories that unleash the energy power within him. Certo promptly annihilates the campsite and makes his way back to the city, where Volcanus and Tectonica attempt to have him arrested for bringing two attacks upon them. Cytros and Nitrus ignore him, and take Certo to safety; stating they will discuss the matter later.

Later, Crona learns that Volcanus and Tectonica are spreading rumours that Certo is going to attack the city with apes. After she and Cytros go to talk with the two Guardians, they meet up with Certo to help him figure out how he can prove himself to the inhabitants of the city. Two days later - during which time Crona draws defensive designs for the city based on her memories of Warfang - they learn that Volcanus has organised a protest against Certo and is stirring up the citizens. They go to confront him, and gradually turn the crowd against him; Cytros notes that he and the other Guardians have sent no aid to the guards struggling to protect the city when Crona has, and the others bring up Tectonica's mistreatment of Certo at the Academy. Cytros announces he wishes to formally strip Volcanus and Tectonica of their titles for endangering the city, and puts the decision to a vote - which Cryus abstains from - which results in the two losing their titles. In the aftermath, Neros returns to the city again, and signals the Apes to attack when Certo confronts him. Neros' taunts cause Certo to unleash his energy power, and Neros battles him with Convexity until Neros overpowers him and flees.

After Certo recovers, he goes to talk with Cytros, and learns that the moons are in a phase that makes the moonlight affect the emotions of dragons caught under it. As they discuss whether this could make Neros attack, Certo is approached by Cytros' daughter Vixen - one of the five dragonesses who helped him learn - who takes him to comfort Sabre, whose parents were killed in the recent attack. Certo does so, but Sabre turns on him in anger and blames him for the death of her parents. He becomes depressed and leaves, becoming affected by the "moon-sight" in the process. Cytros notices this, and recruits Crona to keep Certo's spirits high. Three days later, Sabre seeks out Certo to apologise, and reveals her love for him. She then knocks him to the ground and kisses him. Crona sees this and attempts to intervene, and Sabre attacks her out of jealousy. Verona - one of the librarians; being courted by Cytros - restrains her, and Cytros inadvertantly breaks the "moon-sight" when launching a fire attack to distract them. Certo promptly announces he will never love or care for anyone again, lest he have to feel the pain of losing someone again.

Several days later, after a sparring match with the others - during which time Crona realises the key to Certo's powers is clearing his mind; when he's angry all other thoughts are forced from his mind - Certo is approached by three apes in the forest. He gets them to warn Neros he's ready for him, and that he will kill him if he goes after Crona. They both go their separate ways, but Sabre - having secretly been watching Certo - follows the apes as they leave. That evening, the others realise Sabre is missing, and Cytros organises a search party. After failing to find her, Certo heads back to the city to find volunteers to help; inadvertantly approaching Volcanus, who blames him for Sabre's loss, before coming to help, along with Tectonica and Titanus. To prevent them causing trouble, Cytros places them in a group with himself when the go to search.

In time, Crona and Certo encounter Neros, who brings a bound Sabre with his Apes. The others arrive, and Neros announces he will trade Sabre for Crona. Volcanus accepts, but as the others protest Crona agrees. Upon witnessing this sacrifice, Certo becomes guilt-ridden about having done nothing for Crona in return for all her aid, and his power manifests. However, this was Neros' plan from the start; to get Certo to become overpowered by his energy power. As the two fight, Neros launches an attack at a group of dragons; killing them, and Volcanus attempts to incite the others against Certo again, but the others battle him and Tectonica, and ultimately banish them - and Titanus - from the city.

As Certo loses control of his power, Crona gets the others to launch their energy at her, so that she can use her magic to create a shield to protect them from Certo's attack. She manages to do this as Certo's power overwhelms him and begins tearing his body apart as he releases it. In the aftermath, he falls to the ground, and Neros leaves him to die from his injuries. Crona collapses from exhaustion, and the others promptly decide to set up a camp, and send Amp and Terra to get healers. Amp becomes furious at the thought that Certo nearly killed them all. Sabre then approaches him, and reveals that Neros convinced her to work with him; he told her he would exchange her for Crona, which would let Certo be hers.

Crona eventually wakes to find herself back in the Library, and promptly rushes to check on Certo. After she's forced to leave so the healers - led by Thundra - can attend to him, Crona returns to the city, and eventually realises that the Memorium plant Certo found could be used to help heal him. After getting samples from the city stockpile - and witnessing the magic that surrounds the plants - Crona returns to Certo, and convinces the others to let her treat Certo. Thundra lies and tells the other healers that the two dragons are mates, and they leave her alone, allowing her to use her powers to transfer the energy from the Memoriums into Certo. As his heartrate begins to improve, Amp approaches - apologising for doubting Certo immediately after he unleashed his energy - and he takes Crona to meet with Sabre so that she can confess her role. Crona ultimately decides not to tell Certo about this lest it affect him badly, and Sabre asks her to make Certo happy for her.

Certo gradually recovers, and the dragons are able to return to the city. Cytros muses about how close he came to dying and leaving Vixen an orphan, so he gives her a gift he and her deceased mother had planned to give her when she was older; a heart-shaped pendant containing a jewel; a sacred gift from the ancestors. The two embrace - Cytros noting he feels the pain from his injuries diminish - before Cytros heads for the library, where Certo and Crona are heading to rest. Crona finds their room strangely dark, and Tectonica attacks them from the shadows. Certo prepares to use his power against Tectonica, but Crona stops him; allowing Tectonica to bury them in rubble and flee. As they emerge from the wreckage, Crona tearfully wills Certo not to use his power, lest it overwhelm him again and kill him.

Meanwhile, Titanus and his gang - who fled following Certo's attack - make their way through the forests towards Neros' camp, only to encounter Neros. After losing one of their number to the Apes, Titanus meets with Neros and proposes an alliance between their groups, so that he can kill Certo and claim Crona for himself. Neros refuses, and the two end up fighting with one another. Neros offers Titanus a free shot if he sacrifices the lives of two of his group; Titanus agrees, and Apes attack, killing one and injuring another. Despite this, Titanus fails to defeat Neros, and Neros calls his Apes away, but secretly sends scouts to track Titanus' future movements.

Four days later, at the city, Terra approaches Certo, who hasn't talked with Crona since the attack. Certo complains about having a power that's effectively useless, and Terra attempts to comfort him by passing his recent failures off of as bad "karma" for using his powers to harm another - Neros. Terra leaves after an argument, and an angry Certo begins to feel the energy taking over him, but he eventually manages to take control of it after realising deep down, all he wants to do is protect others. Crona arrives not long afterwards - having noticed the tell-tale signs of his power manifesting - but she discovers he's learnt how to control his power; which he dubs "Karma".

After musing about Terra's advice that she should to open up to Certo, Crona decides to tell Certo her own backstory - as with Certo's story, also previously revealed through flashback. Crona was born with no elemental powers, but taught herself to manipulate the energy around her to deflect attacks. Her mother and her best friend died in front of her during a battle of the Dragon-Ape war. In time, her father Kyros decided to help her try and find an answer as to why she lacked elemental powers, and wound up travelling with her to the abandoned Dragon Temple. Upon arrival, Crona became distracted by a vision of a purple dragon and crashed in the forest. Before Kyros could rescue her, a nearby attack set the forest ablaze, forcing him to leave to report the attack. Crona was subsequently found by Ignitus, who nursed her back to health, before sending her to Dante's Freezer - in the trail of Spyro - to seek out the Chronicler. After a brief struggle with some of the surviving forces at Dante's Freezer, Crona flew across the sea and found herself at the White Isle, where the Chronicler revealed that she was a creation of his. After his granddaughter - Crona - died years before, the Chronicler bound her spirit with his, and once he became Chronicler, he released her so that she would be constantly reborn into the world; gathering information for him. Crona was horrified to learn this, and the Chronicler decided to release her from this position - although noted she would be a Chronicler one day - before granting her the ability to control time. Crona concludes her story by revealing she's from the future. Certo tells her he doesn't think any less of her despite what she's told him, and they go to kiss - with Amp and Terra secretly watching - but Cryus' arrival ruins the moment.

The next day, Certo tells Crona he wants to help her master her ability to control time so that she can return home. Crona is forced to reveal to him that Neros knows of her power, and Certo becomes furious with her and storms off. Crona breaks down in tears at the thought of ruining their friendship, before going to test her power alone in the forest. She is unsuccessful, and goes to return, but becomes exhausted after seeing a vision of Certo fighting Apes in the woods and rests; not realising Neros - following the Ape scouts going after Titanus - has seen her. In her dreams, the Chronicler speaks to Crona, and shows her a vision of the destruction of Certo's home. When she wakes, Crona realises she's nearby Certo's home, and goes to investigate. Inside his old home, Crona finds a crying Neros, who claims that the Convexity has a will of its own and is making him do evil things. After talking about his past to Crona, he reaffirms his plan to rid the world of dragons, and the two fight.

Meanwhile, Cryus confronts Certo after having seen Crona cry, but Certo brushes him aside, and ultimately decides to go and find Crona. His search ultimately alerts him to Neros, and he forces his brother to flee. Crona then shows Certo the reason she came to his home; the vision the Chronicler showed her depicted Certo's older sister hiding her recently-laid egg from the attacking Apes. A quick search unearths the lost egg, and Certo then uses his power to blast a hole through the ceiling for them to escape through.

Elsewhere, Titanus' gang abandons him after he shows no concern for the well-being of their injured friend. As they make their way back to the city, Titanus continues on and gradually becomes enraged; attacking the forest around him and starting a massive fire, which he inadvertantly begins swallowing the flames from. Titanus' gang eventually find Crona and Certo when they see Certo's energy beam, and after explaining they've left Titanus, Crona and Certo aid them in getting back to the city - where one of the gang; Mateo, is motivated to join the City Watch. At the city, Kia helps set up a nest for the egg - which many mistake for Crona's at first - and Certo gets Crona to promise she will keep the egg a secret from Neros, lest he try to target it specifically. Over the next few days, dragons begin searching the surrounding area for Volcanus and Titanus, but he returns to the city willingly to try and find Titanus. After informing him of Titanus' attempt to join Neros, the Guardians imprison Volcanus. Volcanus attempts to appeal to Sin, but the Oracle confirms that Certo is of no danger to them. Before leaving, he tells Crona that Certo will need her aid if she is to return to her home.

Some time later, Certo invites Crona to meet him at the gardens at sunset. She agrees, and then heads to the Library, where she attempts to find texts on dragon magic, only to find out from Verona that their use is restricted. After learning that the city's inhabitants are becoming nervous of another attack, Crona and Verona decide to have a shelter built, and Crona begins designing a suitable shelter based on her memories of the underground city she and the others hid in when Malefor tried to destroy the world. She becomes distracted doing this, and is forced to rush to the gardens when she realises the sun is setting. Meanwhile, a scout returns to Cytros with news of Titanus' whereabouts, but he warns that Titanus has become a "monster". Certo promptly decides to seek him out himself, but turns back when a voice in his mind reminds him of Crona. He rushes back to the gardens with a flower to apologise. As they sit together, Crona asks Certo if he cares about her. Since he doesn't want to become attached and suffer grief when she returns to her own time, he tells her no. Despite this, the two rest together.

The next day, Amp and Terra learn that an army is being formed to attack Titanus, and Terra goes to find Crona and Certo; ultimately finding them sleeping together in the gardens. Cryus arrives, and attacks Certo when he sees him with Crona, but Crona stops him and forces him to leave. Later, Cryus attempts to convince her that Certo is dangerous and has forced them into war, but she ignores him; calling him no better than Volcanus and Tectonica. Crona and Certo eventually join the forces heading after Titanus, and as they travel, Crona reveals her concerns that she doesn't remember hearing anything about Titanus in her time. Eventually, their group encounters Titanus, who has grown to an enormous size and has completely annihilated the surrounding area; even draining it of magic. Certo begins attacking him, but Volcanus abruptly arrives with Tectonica, and reveals that Titanus' new form is a family trait; by devouring their own flames, a dragon of Volcanus' lineage can increase in size. He tells the others he will defeat Titanus - revealing Sin prophecised he would do so; prompting him to try to get rid of Certo in the hopes of preventing this from happening - by overwhelming him with energy. While the others watch, Volcanus and Tectonica work as a team to defeat Titanus, and end up burying him inside a volcano, although they both perish in the process.

Meanwhile, Neros and his apes use the confusion to attack Certo and abduct Crona. When Certo wakes, he demands they go after Crona, but their forces are too weakened to permit it. With Mateo's aid, Certo sneaks out to find Neros' camp. Elsewhere, Crona wakes in Neros' camp, and he tells her he killed Certo; showing her his bloody tail blade as proof. Crona becomes overwhelmed with anger and grief, and uses her assorted powers to break free and assault Neros; repeatedly killing him and then restoring him to life with her time powers. Certo eventually reaches the camp, and becomes horrified at what Crona has become. After Certo manages to convince Crona to calm down, they abandon Neros and leave the camp; escaping the small Ape group that goes after them. However, a small part of Crona's magic remains, and Neros uses it to age himself to an adult form before it dissipates.

Once they return to the city, Certo is placed in detention for three days for disobeying Cytros' orders. Crona studies at the Library until he's released, at which point they travel to a magically-charged area to test her ability to form a time vortex. Crona's attempts to do this fail, and they eventually travel back to the city to recuperate. Kia becomes aware that Crona is using magic, and warns Certo on her behalf that she could get in trouble for his. She adds that she shouldn't go to Volcanus' study, which Crona realises is a subtle hint, and travels there to make notes. Some time later, Kia learns from Certo that Crona is preparing to leave, and she suggests that Certo let the others know so they can say their goodbyes to her. Certo promptly informs Terra and her family - although Terra becomes angry at him for keeping this secret and storms off.

A day later, Crona manages to create a time vortex, but collapses from exhaustion. As she continues to practise, Certo reveals he is in conflict about her returning; he wants her time to be the same way she left it, but he also wants to know that he and his unhatched niece - who they've decided to call "Pip"; due to the egg lacking warmth in the cave, it will almost certainly be female - will make a difference in some way. To reassure him, Crona takes him to meet with Sin, who explains many things to Certo; his "Karma" power was gifted to him to balance Neros' Convexity, and Pip's distant descendant will be Cynder. Sin also tells Certo that he can not see his future any longer. Shocked by all this, Certo goes to destroy Pip's egg to spare her, but Crona talks him out of it. Sin then clarifies to Crona that he cannot see Certo's future because it now lies with Crona. Crona begins to think about this, and wonders if it means she doesn't have to leave Certo.

After several days, Crona attempts to form a vortex once more, and eventually accomplishes it when Certo suggest she try to balance the energies she's using to create it rather than force them. This works, and Certo presses her to continue, until he carries her back to the Library, where he admits he will miss her when she's gone. All of a sudden, voices from inside cry out in surprise; the others have thrown a going-away party for Crona. Certo slips away and encounters Sabre, who tells him that she won't come between them, but she will be there for Certo.

The next morning, as Crona and Certo go to talk with the others, Neros launches an attack on the city, and annihilates their defensive wall, allowing Apes to enter the city. In the chaos to defend the city and move the citizens to shelter, Kia, Stratus and Cryus die, and Terra loses a forelimb saving Amp from a surprise attack, but the dragons manage to defeat the Apes. Certo takes Crona away so that she can create a vortex and escape. As she does, she asks Certo to come with her, but he struggles with his decision and ultimately refuses, before kissing her and forcing her into the vortex, which closes as Neros reaches them. Neros ultimately overpowers Certo in their resulting battle, but the spirits of his dead family appear to him, and after apologising for their past wrongs, join with Certo to give him enough power to defeat Neros. Certo goes to fight his brother, and kills him when his Karma burns through his body. Certo collapses from his injuries, while Neros' spirit refuses his family's call to join them and vanishes.

Many years later, Amp - now Lightning Guardian - watches as a young purple dragon; Malefor, spars with a black dragoness; Pip, who defeats him. In anger, Malefor retaliates and attacks the Ice Guardian who tries to stop him, prompting Amp to banish him for his behaviour, despite Malefor's protests that he is needed to fight the Apes. As Malefor leaves, Amp notices a violet flash, and realises that he has the power of Convexity. As he talks with his fellow Guardians about this, Sin appears, and requests to meet with Pip. Amp takes Sin to his family home, and Sin explains to Pip that he needs the notes Crona made to help Certo master his power. She initially refuses, as they are the only item she has to remember him by, but Sin convinces her to part with them after summoning Certo's image for her to talk to - and changing the colour of one of her eyes so that she resembles Certo. Following this, Sin takes the notes and gifts them to a drake pack in the mountains near Warfang, and instructs them to ensure these get given to a "broken fire dragon" who will come to them one day - Flame. At the same time, Malefor angrily walks alone through the forests, and encounters the spirit of Neros, who sets him down the path to darkness; noting he has the potential to change the world forever.

In the future, Crona emerges from the vortex on the White Isle, where she discovers that Ignitus has replaced her grandfather as Chronicler. She promptly rushes to find the book on Certo's life, but discovers that the book ends with him collapsing in the snow after defeating Neros; all future pages are blank. Ignitus notices that his name is missing from the Book of Dead Dragons, and Crona prepares to use her power to return for him, but Ignitus talks her out of it, as she hasn't mastered her power yet. Subsequently, Crona spends several years training herself to use her time powers, and after realising why Certo's book ended abruptly, goes back in time to retrieve him from the snow and bring him forwards in time with her. Ignitus and Sin - and the spirit of the old Chronicler - watch as she travels through the vortex, happy that she's figured it out at last and is now going to live a normal life at last.