Radar / Tex Avery

The cartoons of Tex Avery are infamous for Getting Crap Past the Radar. The Tex Avery-directed WB cartoons showed shades of this, but the MGM shorts were more infamous in pushing censorial boundaries.

  • Perhaps the most infamous example happens in Red Hot Riding Hood. When the wolf first sees Red performing, he jumps and stiffens in the air. Back then, this phallic image was cut in some theaters (and more sexually-charged reactions that were originally planned to be shown had to be cut before the Hays Office could approve the film for release).
    • Interestingly enough, the original ending had the wolf marrying Grandma and having children who are half human, half wolf. To the censors this reminded them way too much of bestiality, so the ending was changed in one where the Wolf tells the audience that he'll blow his brains out if he sees another beautiful woman (and does when Red performs on stage again).
  • In one scene in "Lucky Ducky", the little duck emerges from his eggshell. He does this dancing and removing each part of his shell one by one, much like a stripper.
  • In "The Shooting of Dan McGoo", the name of the town is Coldernell, Alaska ("colder than Hell").
    • When the Wolf watches Red's performance he starts humping the table for a moment.
  • In "The Blitz Wolf", the two little pigs sing to Sergeant Pork: You're in the Army Now,/ You're Not Behind the Plow,/ You're Diggin' a Ditch,/ [pause and motion freeze],/ You're in the Army Now! The pause was inserted to replace the line "You Son of a Bitch", which would be inappropriate for a film at the time. This is much similar to a gag in the Warner Bros. cartoon The Draft Horse.
    • Later when Sergeant Pork is shooting a cannon at Adolf Wolf the cannon suddenly deflates and goes limp, he feeds it some B-1 vitamins and the cannon becomes erect and shoots off cannon balls very quickly.