Quotes / You All Look Familiar

"You'd think there's only ten kinds of people in the world. Way I figure it, there was some big cloning accident in the past."
Mason, Fallout 2

"Which group of clones robbed the bank?"
— Cowboy Jedi

Gordon Frohman: Wait a second... how do I know you're really my twin brother, Norman Frohman?
Norman Frohman: Who the hell else would I be?
Gordon Frohman: Well, if you haven't noticed, possible bro, one in every nine guys in this city looks just like us.

"Didn't I kick your ass two rooms back?"

"It's like they took that thing the 'Total War' games used for their real-time battle things and dropped you right in the middle of it, with massive amounts of NPCs all doing coordinated exercise routines with their 700 twin brothers!"
Yahtzee Croshaw, 'Darkest of Days' review

Why does he have three pictures of the same guy on the wall of his room? And—what the fuck? Is that Lord Tholan? Is he obsessed with this guy? He's got pictures of this (NPC) plastered all over the walls of his room, and now he's gonna take him down into the "dungeon" and omigod he's gonna bring out The Gimp.
Noah Antwiler on Ultima: Runes of Virtue

"Cocaine is really popular with...the same guy."
JonTron on NARC

"Dammit, my beard betrayed me! They got an ID because I'm the only fucking scientist here with a beard! If I'd gone with that stupid Einstein Hair, they wouldn't be able to pick me out from a lineup!"
Gordon Freeman, Freeman's Mind

It's nice having all my friends here, but sometimes...I can't tell them apart!