Quotes / Winter War

Orihime: Iím sorry, Kurosaki-kun. Weíre just going to have to keep on doing this until we manage to get it right. Donít you remember what you told Kuchiki-kun Ė the person being saved doesnít get any say in the matter . . .

Hisagi: Whenever Aizen came across something that might be a potential threat to him, he always tried to get it under his control. He was always very Ė
Ise: Thrifty?
Hisagi: Paranoid. And not was. Is. We should be moving.
Ise: Something of a control obsessive. The sort of person who has to have everything exactly as planned, precisely as organised, every detail under their control . . . why are you looking at me like that, Ayasegawa?

Gin (to Hinamori): So much for not interferin' in other people's fights huh?

Gin: That's right. Treat me like the snake in the grass I am. Biting anyone that comes close enough. It's all I've ever been. All I've ever been to everyone... 'cept her. Jus'... jus' wanted her to never cry 'gain. Woulda taken on the world fer her, won it, and handed it over like a locket onna chain. But... But you've killed me, Ukitake. Killed me and her. Might get ta see her in the next life, but I'll never know. So I gotta present for you and your tasty underlings.

Grimmjow: You fight a man. But you donít fight a piece of crap. You just dispose of it. Kurotsuchi is a piece of crap.

Kuukaku (to Chad): This is Rightful Authority Cleaning The Place Out, boy, which means that we canít come sneaking round like Soi Fongís people. We go in through the front door and act like weíre expecting them to be on their knees apologising for not having the place clean and tidy. If people see youíre in control, theyíll act like you are in control, and then you are in control.

Ryuuken's POV: In the end, this is what it comes down to: the last of the Quincy, alone in a wolf-winter under a grey sky, waiting for the end of the world and for the ghosts of the dead to consume the living. It should be a crime for a son to die before his father. He knows that his own father would have agreed.

Momo's POV: This resembled Shiro-chan the way a smear of blood and feathers resembled a bird.

Lisa (as a Hollowfied Ichigo interrupts their plotting): The universe hates us. Why does this keep on happening?

Orihime's POV: People had to be more than the worst they could be, or what was the point?

Orihime's POV: She was afraid for Sora, and for all her friends here, and most of all for Kurosaki-kun himself, and that fear gave her strength. But sometimes the princess had to save the dragon, and sometimes she had to save the prince as well, and sometimes the princess and the dragon and the knight all teamed up together and went to argue with the person whoíd written the story and complain about how they never got anything interesting and new to do.

Nanao: All of us here are aware that we may need to sacrifice everything. But that doesnít mean that . . . It doesnít mean that we canít hope to save our friends.

Nanao's POV: Nanao pondered the possibilities of getting Eleventh Division interested in professional sports rather than all-out maiming (their usual favourite pasttime), and came to the depressing conclusion that they'd probably just declare all-out maiming a professional sport. This degenerated into images of Zaraki-taichou using Yachiru as a baseball. She sipped her tea — drinkable, this time — and decided that she needed a vacation.

Pantera: You knew me when you were an Arrancar, and you forced me out and wore me like armour. Remember? But you were a Hollow then and you didnít have a heart to hear me or know me. But now youíre healed and Iím still here, and I am laired in you, Grimmjow Jeagerjacques, now Iím the one wearing you, and I know all your secrets.

Lisa's POV: For now, she would endure. She had seen Tokyo burn twice. She had also seen it rebuilt twice. She knew what people—ordinary, living people—could endure, even when hope seemed too far off. And so, she would follow their example and endure, and find what little entertainment she could.