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Quotes: Word of God
"Maybe their problem is that they've confused scientific theory/the scientific method with fan speculation? That would explain a lot. Like, they saw how scientists use facts taken from the world around them to prove or disprove their theories of How Shit Works and thought they could do the same with fandom. Unfortunately for them, fandom is less like biology and more like theology. Or rather, theology in a world where the deities who hand down sacred texts are unarguably real, everyone knows they're real, and they exist in physical form within the mortal world, which they directly interact with on a daily basis. You can argue your interpretation all you want, but if your deity tells you you're wrong, then you're wrong. No if's, and's or but's."
ayala_atreides at HMS STFU

"Whoops canon I guess."
Andrew Hussie

"No matter what the world, the God of that world creates the rules."
Light Yagami, Death Note

He could have said "green" and it would be canon.

"Canonize something silly RIGHT NOW."
"The trunk of dad's car contains 10 crates of shaving cream, but nobody ever found them."

"I have said it, so therefore it must be canon!"
LittleKuriboh, in his YGO Manga-chapter 1 video, using his "Pharaoh's Voice".

"Ansel speaks truth: I kept saying, "Wait, does that happen before or after the whole Funky Bones thing? And he'd be like, YOU WROTE IT"

"For the writer to give what he considers the one true interpretation of a song is to limit what could otherwise be poetry, or at least somewhat confusing. And the real crime is that the audience believes the writer unquestioningly because he wrote the damn thing."
Rivers Cuomo

"Everything I say about Gravity Falls is canon. Wendy's middle name is Blerble. Now you all have to live with that. THIS IS TOO MUCH POWER"
Alex Hirsch

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