Quotes / Überwald

"It was a dreadful place; a land perpetually shrouded in gloom and mist, where abandoned castles glared down like hungry ogres on the dismal roads; where sullen villagers, some bearing obvious stigmata of mutation, mumbled dark warnings against going abroad by night; and where, one evening, a red-eyed, pale-faced nobleman studied us hungrily through the curtained window of his night-black coach, for all the world like a Bretonnian epicure inspecting his next meal... Of all the awful lands that I had then journeyed through, I have no hesitation in saying that Sylvania was easily the most dire."

Scrambling over the ridge of the Ramtops, widdershins from Lancre, one eventually arrives in a land of dark pine forests and jagged mountains, many of them topped with glowering castles whose architecture involves a disproportionate number of turrets and spires. Uberwald doesn't have much in the way of central authority, being ruled by an array of barons and margraves. A remarkable number of those aristocrats are . . . unusual. In fact, in the dark reaches of Uberwald, you may well encounter entire societies where not turning into a wolf at full moon is considered strange.
In other words, as the linguistically quick-witted may guess, Uberwald is the Discworld's equivalent of Transylvania, with a Germanic twist to the language. The architecture is Gothic, and so are the stories that happen there.