Quotes / Summoning Ritual

It is unwise to summon what you cannot dismiss.
Morpheus, The Sandman #50, "Ramadan," by Neil Gaiman

"As I told you longe ago, do not calle up That which you can not put downe; either from dead Saltes or out of ye Spheres beyond."

Do not call up that which you cannot put on hold.

Never summon anything larger than your head.
— Anonymous pagan net.wisdom

Please, Adventurer, help us! We were performing a ritual at our Infernal Gate, and Brother Starfish dropped the butterknife. All of the infernal creatures escaped our grasp, and have tainted our grove.

Bring forth the true form of the Eva series! The true form will evangelize humanity. Through indiscriminate death and through prayer, we will return to our original state.
Keel: And our souls will be at peace. LET THE SACRAMENT BEGIN! Eva Unit 01 has been marked with the holy stigmata.
Let us restore the Tree of Life!
Keel: The Eva series have been our faithful servants. And this is the reason they were created.
SELEE08: Hitherto represent eternity.
SELEE09: The Red Earth purification ceremony.
Through the destruction of the ego of Unit 01's pilot, humanity shall now be completed.