Quotes / Spider-Sense

Spider-Man: Spider-senses, tingling!
The Green Goblin: Your what's doing what now?
Spider-Man: Look, there's danger, all right?

"My godmode senses aren't just tingling, they're writhing in pain. They're in a hospital, so high on morphine they've gone blind, and they're STILL writhing in pain."
Yui_Hime, on the Balady entry on the Pokegirls website.

"Shhhh. My common sense is tingling."'

Ice Man: It's Spidey!
Spider-Man: I'm glad to see you, but what brought you out here?
Ice Man: My special Ice-Man Sense told me there was trouble.
Spider-Man: Your WHAT?
Ice Man Well, it was worth a try...