Quotes / Spider-Sense

Spider-Man: Spider-senses, tingling!
The Green Goblin: Your what's doing what now?
Spider-Man: Look, there's danger, all right?

"My godmode senses aren't just tingling, they're writhing in pain. They're in a hospital, so high on morphine they've gone blind, and they're STILL writhing in pain."
Yui_Hime, on the Balady entry on the Pokegirls website.

"Shhhh. My common sense is tingling."'

Ice Man: It's Spidey!
Spider-Man: I'm glad to see you, but what brought you out here?
Ice Man: My special Ice-Man Sense told me there was trouble.
Spider-Man: Your WHAT?
Ice Man Well, it was worth a try...

Calhoun had always had something of a sixth sense for danger. ... He'd even been tested for it at Starfleet Academy, and researchers had found nothing in particular. Calhoun's contention was that there was nothing to find because, during the research, no danger was present.