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Quotes: Space Pirates and Zombies
"Carl's right on this one. These UTA colonies are as isolated as everyone else. They have no clue what's going on beyond their gates. I've seen these UTA operations long enough to realize they are anything but organized. They go for months without supply drops and turn to freelancers and mercenaries to make ends meet. I would bet there are several UTA colonies that are in similarly rough shape. It's worth checking out, but carefully."
Don Gibson, Chapter 2: Leap of Faith

"The hull has been breached and the science is leaking out!"
Damaged station in science sector

"In space, no one can hear you scream... unless you're transmitting on the right radiowave frequency"

"I wonder if your eyes really do pop in space."
When ejecting a misbehaving hostage

"Hostages who don't cooperate go out the airlock with the rest of the trash."

"If those hostages give you any lip you throw them out the window."

"Yo momma's so fat, her waist size has to be written in scientific notation."

"Uhhhhh, this is an unregistered broadcast from the resistance, man. Fuck the UTA, dude, just say no to cannibalism—Zombies are REAL!"
Unregistered broadcast from the resistance.

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