Quotes / Science-Related Memetic Disorder

helen stared at her face in the restroom mirror her mothers face no her face hers it kept going blurry as her eyes went in and out of focus she was having interesting ideas again all kinds of interesting ideas and it was harder than usual to stop thinking about them because of the laughter that fool and his laughter it echoed around and around the part of her head where she went to get away from interesting ideas . . .
she laughed hysterically for a minute or so not a good sign she thought and then the thought fluttered away her face when it skipped into focus was pale and blotchy possibly she had been crying yes someone had definitely been crying sometime not her not when everything was so funny and she had so many interesting ideas it was all so funny so funny with everywhere the laughter then she couldnt think about that anymore because she got distracted by the hand soap
Narbonic, side story

"Common sense would be cheating."
Lupin Madblood, Narbonic

"When I get the vibe, it's like there's a party in my toolbox and Science is invited!"
Tigerlily Jones, Skin Horse