Quotes / Rogue Trader

Ambition knows no Bounds.

What is the faith of a rogue, a reaver, an outcast noble soul who brings the Emperor's fury upon far worlds? Ask him if you dare.

Pride is not a sin. Hubris is not a failing. The Stars are yours if you have but the strength to grasp them.

It is interesting to note that nine out of ten Rogue Trader auctions end up this way. Why, I once accompanied my great-uncle Stephano to an auction held by the infamous Calligos Winterscale. Over a thousand guests, items of sublime rarity and workmanship, and the finest drinks and victuals to be found anywhere this side of Holy Terra. Within two hours, fifteen brawls had broken out, ten starships had changed hands, an ogryn had gotten into the amasec and thrown Lady Jingerin out of a window, two orbital strikes had been called in (and promptly cancelled), and Inquisitor Falos Fruun had been caught in bed with, so the story goes, an Eldar Corsair, and had roamed the halls burning anyone who so much as giggled.
Lord-Captain Laertes Geneso Olivares, Rogue Trader, Captain of the Imperial Cruiser His Invincible Will [1]