Quotes / Perfectly Cromulent Word

Black Mage: Wow. You've finally done it. My hatred of you has surpassed the ability of all existing words to communicate it. Red Mage, any suggestions?
Red Mage: Hateriffic, meganger, anathemalice, ragenomic, omniloathe, abhorrination. I could go on.
Black Mage: That will suffice, thanks. I choose omniloathe.
Red Mage: omniloathe. v: find repugnant in all possible ways, conditions, and variances. "All Communists omniloathe joy."
Fighter: Awesome, we've got best buddy codewords now!

Cripple: Hey, mister, do you want some dope?
Holland: Do you have elephant?
Cripple: Heh?
Holland: Do you have Mingtoydop?
Cripple: Heh?
Holland: I guess you don't.

Dan: I've been robbed! Pilfered! Hijacked! Encrimed!
Chris: Not a real word.
Dan: The beauty of a living language is you can make up new words whenever you want. Shakespeare did it, you floozewonkler!
Dan Vs., "Dan Vs. The Mummy"

Mr. Krabs: We've been duped!
SpongeBob: Duped!
Mr. Krabs: Bamboozled!
SpongeBob: We've been smeckledorfed!
Mr. Krabs: That's not even a word, and I agree with ya!
SpongeBob SquarePants, "Nasty Patty"

Yeah, "fettuc". Never heard of "fettuc"?

Shifu: Don't do that!
Shirong: What?
Shifu: Make up words! "Infratisular", "fortisrumpunate", "rebotreffication". Do you have any idea how confused I was as a child?
Shirong: I assure you my motives were entirely oprovustrian.

hey, what comes after "thrice", anyway? wanna help me find out?
quice? frice? welp, won't have to use it again anyways.
Sans, Undertale

I'm anaspeptic, frasmodic, even compunctuous to cause you such pericombobulation.

"'Acutrama'?! What is that shit?"

Syl: All right, so what is drearifying you today?
Kaladin: Drearifying? Is that a word?
Syl: You don't know?
Kaladin: [shakes head]
Syl: Yes. Yes, it absolutely is.

"Poor Pachirisu just can't catch a break. In its bio, it says that it will make "electricified" fur balls. "Electricified" isn't even a real word; it should say "electrified"."

"Shenaniganery isn't a word, but I'm using it."