Quotes / Marshmallow Hell

"Just don't inhale."
The Atom, cut line from Justice League Unlimited

Hazama, after experiencing an accidental one in We Are Our Avatars

"What happened next is possibly the closest thing to sex Taniguchi would ever receive in high school.
"The second Kyon's friend had opened the door, Mikuru's body literally came flying out of the room. Screaming like a banshee, Mikuru's chest connected with Taniguchi's face with such force, that the two flew into the wall behind him. Taniguchi's head hit the wall first and the rest of Mikuru's body flew into him. The two teens just hung there on the wall for three seconds, before they finally slid off onto the floor, with Mikuru covering Taniguchi, like a blanket. The whole experience was quick, painful, and embarrassing. So in a way, it was kind of like sex."
You Got HaruhiRolled!, chapter 23

Shinji found himself tackled hard from behind by someone who began trying to squeeze the life out of him. Or possibly suffocate him; he was spun around long enough for the attacker to renew the attack-hug from his front, and he was saved from marshmallow Hell only by the few inches hed grown since hed last been grabbed by someone this endowed.
Shinji Ikari, A Crown of Stars, chapter 22

I couldn't do nothing but stand and stare
She gave me a hug like a grizzly bear
I couldn't see much, I thought I was dead
I had boobs upside my head
(Boobs upside my head, boobs upside my head)

"It is illogical for them to assume there's anything sexual about our activities," said T'Pol, clasping his face in a Vulcan Cleavage Meld.
Farce Contact, a Star Trek: Enterprise Parody Fic