Quotes / Made of Evil

"Dalek mutants are born hating. This is what stokes the fire — extinguishes even the tiniest bit of kindness, of compassion. Imagine the worst possible thing in the whole universe, and then don't bother, because you're looking at it right now! This is evil refined!"

"Picard: A great poet once said, all spirits are enslaved that serve things evil.
Armus: You do not understand. I do not serve things evil, I AM evil. [...] I am a skin of evil, left here by a race of titans, who believed if they rid themselves of me, they would free the bounds of destructiveness."

It's like they drained out all the water and made concentrated evil!
Angie Lopez, The George Lopez Show, on Bennie

Pure evil doesn’t exist. People can only be evil insofar as making evil decisions—possessing an intent to harm or cause suffering. Evil actions. Even people who do evil things purely for the sake of amusement are still human. They're twisted, sure. They have evil tendencies, but they still aren't MADE of evil. But...Geoffrey's aura...I can't think of any other way to describe it. It was like an evil consciousness.
Garovel, The Zombie Knight