Quotes / Living Ship

I'm developing emotional attachment to a boat!

Blake: How does she handle, Jenna?
Jenna: A bit scary. It's almost as if she were alive.
Avon: Well, I must say all this technology has an organic feel about it. It's not just advanced. It's...
Blake: Conceptually alien?
Blake's 7, "Cygnus Alpha"

Don't touch a thing. The TARDIS will get huffy if you mess.
The Doctor, Doctor Who, "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS"

The Area was messing around with all this cyborg stuff back in the late forties after the war. They had this ship that was, like, fifty percent organic. Like, some agent totally restitched into the mechanics of it. Really early example of total interface bodyscaping. Before they worked out, you now, like all the psychological ramifications of turning someone into meat wallpaper and pasting him over an engine and shit. Dude went batshit. Had to shoot the poor bastard down. Set us back, like, ten years.
Agent Gran, Anti-Hero, by Jonathan Wood