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Quotes: Let's See You Do Better
"It's easy to attack and destroy an act of creation. It's a lot more difficult to perform one. "
Chuck Palahniuk

"Why Bill Corbett (who wrote this movie)!? Did you want to make your own movie to riff on? ...Many of the scripted jokes are your most predictable set ups for lame punchlines. For example, the gruff security officer somehow sees A Chorus Line which makes him gay. Not just gay, but Village People gay with a limp wrist and stereotype voice. You see, because he was so macho you wouldn’t expect that he…*sigh* Where’s the booze?"
Miles Antwiler on Meet Dave

"I can't imagine why anybody would choose to watch this filth beyond a fascination with revulsion. Is there supposed to be something funny/scary/relevant about a man who orgasms his way into oblivion? I felt nothing for Carys' plight because I got to know her for about 30 seconds before she was taken over and in that time she comes across as a ridiculous drama queen who can't hold her booze. Why should I care about this person? In the middle of an episode about a murderous sex alien the Torchwood team stop for a get to know you Chinese takeaway. What the hell? How random is that? It completely disrupts any flow that the investigation might have had and proves utterly ineffectual at revealing anything about the staff. You would think that [Chris] Chibnall had never written a script before in his life. I bet those criticisms about the JNT era on Points of View when he was a spotty Herbert haunted him after this was broadcast. People in glass houses..."
Doc Oho on Torchwood, "Day One"

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