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Alright, Peter Puppy, let's just face facts: You have got to be the world's...no, the galaxy's worst father. I don't know how you let six hundred of your kids get captured by one giant bird in the first place...but you let it happen again! I went looking at PetCo to see if they have a mug for, like, "World's worst puppy father", and they don't! And it probably wouldn't sell very well, because it would only sell to you!
Phiggle, in a Let's Play of Earthworm Jim 2

Santa in a bullet-proof vest wielding a huge gun. Welcome to life in 1924.
—Let's Play Alone in the Dark 2, part 4

''Watch out for that Beamos."

Josh: Ok, so next episode... Hopefully there will be less rage-filled discussions about how much Bethesda deserves to die in a fiery pit.
Rutskarn: I don't know, why change the formula now?
Shamus: I know; we've got a good thing going here. The worst thing they could do is put a good game now: They'd put us right out of business.
Spoiler Warning: Let's Play Fallout 3 (Episode 20)

Mess with me, you mess with omnipotence. And by omnipotence, I mean a giant hand that can carry shit.
Cheeseball IV's Let's Play of Black & White

Helloween 4545's Let's Play of Penumbra

"He fell into the ankle-deep water and died. Happy ending! Sunshine and puppies for all!"

John opens his inventory to reveal a lockpick, a book of spells, and a formerly salty bear.
John: So wow, this is all I have for, uh—
Rick: That is all you have now.
John: Good.
Brandon: At least she left you the bear.
John: Yeah, took the stick, but they left me the salt-covered bear?
Steve: No salt, just the bear. They cleaned the bear.
Brandon: You can't even lick the bear for sustenance!

"I feel like this is the only profession other than assassin where "Caleb kill the bitch!" Is something your boss tells you to do."


Momentum, momentum, momentum...
Zerosaga1 bringing up his #1 cause of death in Super Mario Bros.

Jay: Log the roll.
Spike: Log the roll?
Jay: Rog the...
Spike: Rog the loll? What are you saying? I don't even... Aah!
— A typical recording of CrazyCommentaries

"When it comes to Let's Play, you can find just about every color of the rainbow if you know where to look. You got your funny Let's Plays, your informative Let's Plays, and your narrative Let's Plays that make up all the colors found in Skittles. Unfortunately, if you look in the wrong places, you can find the shit-browns and vomit-greens of camcorder Let's Plays, self-proclaimed game reviewer Let's Plays, and singalong Let's Plays. ... If quality Let's Plays are what you're looking for, you're in the wrong place, because today... Retsupurae!"


"Okay. So then. Okay. Good evening. Good mor— Good afternoon. As you all know, I'm Akira Otoishi. Alright! This time, uh, I'm gonna do games for the first time. So then. Insta-death Mega Man. If I medicate, I'll be str—st... If I'll meditate, I'll be stronger. So I'm going to try insta-death Mega Man. So, you know, the start is like..."
Akira Otoishi attempting to do an intro of a fictional blind Let's play of Insta-death Mega Man on Vaguely Recalling JoJo

Um... Also, uh, my name is raocow, and, you know, sometimes, in the morning, usually around, uh... oh, I'd say 11, 11:30 AM, I-I-I-I take out, like, my Super Nintendo emulator, and I'm all like, 'Oh, well, looks like I'm gonna be playing a Mario hack, and, oh no, I've got Camtasia open by accident! Well, might as well use this accident to say some crazy things!' And, you know, uh, the day afterwards, when I wake up; can be just about anytime, usually... anywhere between 6 and 8 AM, basically. I, like, wake up and go, like, 'Hmm, well, I've got this video file, you know, on my computer. Might as well upload it to... uh, a video sharing service, called, you might have heard of it, it's called YouTube'. Then, afterwards, I put the link to the video... I embed it on my website, called, uh, raocow.com, but it's not the name of the site, but, uh, it is the address.