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Quotes: Impossibly Cool Clothes
"My single favorite part of it are the epaulets on Dreddís shoulders ó instead of a shoulder patch with an eagle embroidered on it like you might see on a cop today, Dreddís design just takes that simple element and makes it bigger and bigger and bigger until heís literally wearing a statue of an eagle on his shoulder, which itself becomes treated super-seriously by the characters as a mark of his rank. And since the Eagle takes so much room, well, he doesnít have the American flag patch that you see on policemen and soldiers, so that migrates down to his belt, where itís incorporated into yet another gigantic eagle...Multiple characters wear this same outfit, sometimes a dozen at once in a single panel, which I have to imagine is why British comic book artists are driven to drink. They have to draw every single part of this costume over and over again, and you canít really skimp on it because itís perfect."
Chris Sims on Judge Dredd

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