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Quotes: I Am Not a Gun
I am not a doll.
Rei Ayanami, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Newton Crosby: You rewired all your switches. No wonder youíre malfunctioning.
Number 5: Switches are my switches. Life not malfunction. Not malfunction. I am alive.
Newton Crosby: No, youíre not! You canít be. Thereís gotta be another explanation.
Number 5: Okay! What? [beat] Sorry, timeís up.
Newton Crosby: Wait a minute, Iím thinking. Could be any number of mechanical possibilities. Entrance of moisture into the system.
Number 5: Nope.
Newton Crosby: Heat expansion.
Number 5: Try again.
Newton Crosby: Vibration damage.
Number 5: No way Jose. Iím fit as a fiddle.
Newton Crosby: Okay. Then why did you ignore your programming?
Number 5: Programming says ďDestroyĒ. Is disassemble. Make dead. Number Five cannot.
Newton Crosby: Why? Why cannot?
Number 5: Is wrong. Incorrect. Newton Crosby, PhD, not know this?
Newton Crosby: Of course I know itís wrong to kill, but who told you?
Number 5: I told me.

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