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Quotes: Hero Ball
"One is either preux or one isn't."

Thor had a serious problem spotting tricks. Which is strange, since he spent most of his time around criminals and his half-brother was the actual god of deceit and mischief. Still, Thor stumbled into every trap anyone ever set for him and lived in a near constant state of outrage and surprise. It's probably why he was both immortal and forced to wear a helmet.
Seanbaby, 5 Beloved Superheroes Who Are Actually Really Stupid

"Sonic, the hedgehog who sent massive space stations crashing to the ground, who learned to teleport using a fake Chaos Emerald in a matter of seconds, who faced down more planet-sized time-devouring monstrosities than I can count on one hand, gets pinned to a wall by robots no taller than him, who he's already defeated more than once! If you excuse me, my head has a date with the nearest convenient table."
The Worst of Sonic, on Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 230.

"Lord offers Beetle a chance to join him, as a regular human like himself, and when Beetle tells Max to go to hell, Max caps him in the head. Thus endeth the Blue Beetle... So what's my problem with this? (Aside from the fact that it seems to me that Beetle would easily have pretended to join up with Max in order to stay alive, as that would be the smart thing to do both for his own sake and for the people he's been trying to protect. What better way to get the full story than to work from the inside, and take Max down from within? But if Beetle behaved logically there, we wouldn't get the final-page image of Beetle with his brains blown out, and since that was clearly the motivating factor behind the previous 79 pages, logic goes out the window.) "

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