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Quotes: Gotta Catch Them All
David: Only if we have a full amount of Krypto-Hearts after getting four Krypto-Heart Containers to increase our total amount to at least six, and are reliably able to rotate the analog stick precisely enough to get the desired heat vision result in a tunnel.
Chris: I take it from your tone that you did not think the Four Kryptonian Element Stones of Power and their attendant Three Mystic Kryptonian Statues Hidden In Caves were not a great plot device.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri, on Smallville'' ("Transference")

1-Up: Great job, Stinkoman! You got the Green Crystal Shard!
Stinkoman: Will we ever find all the colors before the bad guy?

Wuya: You cannot rule the earth yet. You have but one Shen Gong Wu.
Jack: How many are there?
Wuya: Hundreds!
Jack: WHAT?! Okay, you're gonna need to get solid and help me out here!

Uncle: There are eight more masks which we must find before forces of darkness do!
Jackie: Let me guess - "the masks were scattered across the Earth"?
Tohru: Yep.

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