Quotes / Giant Flyer

"Oh, it's just a bird...
A large bird, I grant you.
A large, ANGRY bird! AAHH!!"
Phantomon, shortly before being rammed by Birdramon, Digimon English dub

No fair! That's no fair! Demons as big as you shouldn't be flying!
Kiyomaro, Zatch Bell!

"Ahead, hovering like some vast, predatory bird..."

Neytiri: It is Toruk, Last Shadow.
Jake Sully: Yeah, right. The last one you'll ever see.
Regarding the Great Leonopteryx, Avatar

"Oh, shit! It's a big birdie! We better get out of here!"
Drunk Bum (Right before Rodan attacks everyone), Godzilla Final Wars

It once happened that travelers on a vessel noticed a bird. As he stood in the water, it merely covered his feet, and his head knocked against the sky. The onlookers thought the water could not have any depth at that point, and they prepared to take a bath there. A heavenly voice warned them: "Alight not here! Once a carpenter's axe slipped from his hand at this spot, and it took it seven years to touch bottom." The bird the travelers saw was none other than the ziz. His wings are so huge that unfurled they darken the sun. They protect the earth against the storms of the south; without their aid the earth would not be able to resist the winds blowing thence. Once an egg of the ziz fell to the ground and broke. The fluid from it flooded sixty cities, and the shock crushed three hundred cedars. Fortunately such accidents do not occur frequently. As a rule the bird lets her eggs slide gently into her nest. This one mishap was due to the fact that the egg was rotten, and the bird cast it away carelessly.
— The Aggadah on the Ziz