Quotes / Feathered Fiend

"No… You’re NOT marshmallows, are you? Look at those cold avian eyes. Those talons. Those razor sharp beaks. You’re little killing machines, aren’t you? Yes… Go to sleep my little killers. Mommy’s got a big day for you tomorrow…"
GLaDOS, Portal 2, "Co-op cutscene"

Leliana: But a bird is a creature of grace, and beauty! They open their mouths and they sing!
Shale: The bard hears music. I hear a wail of banshees that boils my blood.
Leliana: But... what about a nightingale? Or a swan?
Shale: They are not pigeons, it is true. Still? Evil beasts of the sky.

"Come on, we're birds! We're descended from dinosaurs! We're not supposed to be nice, right?"