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"It was once a foible confined to the Greeks to inquire into what number of rowers Ulysses had, whether the Iliad or the Odyssey was written first, whether moreover they belong to the same author, and various other matters of this stamp, which, if you keep them to yourself, in no way pleasure your secret soul, and, if you publish them, make you seem more of a bore than a scholar."
Seneca, "De Brevitate Vitae," published in 44 AD

Plinkett: When he loses, Qui-Gon's gonna not get the prize money that was meant to go to Watto, and Watto will get the pod back and keep Anakin as the slave still, but then Qui-Gon has to give up...Obi-Wan as a slave? And the ship...? Ah, fuck it.
Goldshirt: Excuse me, maybe I could help! I've watched this movie before, and actually the bet is quite simple when you think about it.
Plinkett: Oh yeah? Why don't you tell me about it.
Goldshirt: Well, Qui-Gon put up the entry fee, (cocking of shotgun) and Guado had the pod— (BANG)
Plinkett: Well, that solves that problem.