Quotes / Falling into the Cockpit

Kouji: Buttons and handles strewn all over the instrument panel at random? This couldn't be more confusing!
(Shortly after having trashed his own home)
Kouji: I don't understand how these controls work! I don't understand! I command you to stop! (while punching through another house) Waaarhgh! Stop it, Mazinger!
(After having stomped on several buildings and while leading towards a road)
Kouji: Maybe this one will turn him right? N-No, wait... I-if I make a mistake, then... Please, Mazinger!
(after having smashed the road and crushed and thrown away several cars)
Kouji: You can't do that, Mazinger! Kouji, you have to hurry it up and figure this thing out! I, Kouji, am your pilot, Mazinger Z, and you do as I say, and I said, stop!
(A while after Sayaka managed stopping him after he had smashed down more buildings -one of them a child school- and left a wide trail of destruction)
Kouji: Can... Can you hear me? I am Kouji Kabuto. I finally figured out which of these things was the radio! I have been trying contacting you for some while now. I'm saved! I'm really saved!
Sayaka: ...
Kouji: You're the first person I've been able to talk to since I got on this robot! It's not like I've been doing all this because I wanted to! Please believe me, it's because I didn't understand! I don't know how pilot this thing! I mean... I didn't know how to move, much less stop it, but... I think I've got it figured out now, more or less.
Sayaka: What?
Kouji: Suddenly, without knowing at all what I was doing, I got in and piloted this thing. Later... I stopped the robot. I was impatient. So impatient I made all this happen.
Sayaka: ...
Mazinger Z, Go Nagai manga Chapter 1, creating and deconstructing the trope since 1972

Ryoma: "This guy is gonna be piloting the Jaguar Unit!"
Hayato (shocked, afraid and disoriented): "What do you want me to do?"
Ryoma: "I want you so shut up! Just sit here, be quiet, and do what they tell you. Fly this and get revenge for your comrades!"
Hayato: "Ah..."
Ryoma: "Listen up, you're a complete rookie as far as this machine goes. So it's alright that you don't know a thing about it. This electronic brain wave transmitter on your head will help you out, to an extent, so let it do most of the work for now. Got it? In othre words, try and move the getter robo like you would your own body."
Hayato (even more frightened than before): "I don't want to... Why is it that I have to go through all of this!?"
Ryoma: "Stop whining! Old man Saotome expects us both to be real demons behind this thing, that's why. Consider it fate and resign yourself to it! You're not the only one who's scared, either. No matter how many times I practice this stuff, it sill scares the hell outta me."
Getter Robo, Chapter 4

Raideen: "Your destiny has been fulfilled. In this place, the ancient king has risen again."
Akira: "What is this place? Let me out!"
Raideen: "Your -life is one with Raideen's, O Hero. Keep in mind that Raideen will fight according to your will."
Akira: "No! Let me out of here!"
Raideen: "You must fight, O Hero."
Raideen, Episode 1

Kotaro: "How does Hyoma know how to drive this thing? It all looks confusing! There's too many buttons!"
Ropetto: "He wears a helmet that is connected to a computer. The computer tells him what to do."
Kotaro: "What? Did you say helmet?"
Ropetto: "When he has it on, the computer tells him what do."
Professor Hamaguchi: "Alright, Voltes team. Head for Tokyo. Destroy all enemy saucers!"
Kenichi: "But we still have to familiarize ourselves with these machines."
Professor Mitsuyo Go: "These machines are no different from the simulators your father made!"
Kenichi: "Yes, mom. I understand."
Voltes V, Episode 1

Kappei: "W-W-Wait! Grandad? What's going on?"
Kappei's grandfather: "Quit being so noisy. Look to your front."
Kappei: "Huh? Grandad?"
Kappei's grandfather: "You always said you want to fly a fighter jet. That's why I let you fly it."
Kappei: "Oh I see. So this is a fighter je—... What?! Stop joking! I can't control this thing!"
Kappei's grandfather: "Well, don't you already know all those gauges and things?"
Kappei: "Huh? Now that I come to think of it... I recognize those from somewhere..."
Kappei's grandfather: "For the last half a year, I have been teaching you while you were sleeping."
Kappei: "Sleep-learning?"
Kappei's grandfather: "Yes, using the amazing technology left behind by our ancestors."
Zambot 3, Episode 1

Bright Noa: "There is a child... in the Gundam's cockpit!"
Amuro Ray: "I'm not a child! I am fifteen! And my name is Amuro Ray!"
Bright: "Why instead of Lieutenant Kemp is piloting a... a... you?"
Amuro: "I don't know anything of the official pilot. But I took this unit and took down two Zaku. Have I done anything wrong?"
Bright: "..."

"Let me guess," Shinji groans, slowly standing up, "I'm piloting one of your giant robots?"
"Correct. You've gone over your mother's notes. Good. Any questions?"
Shinji nods.
"Are you fucking insane?"
They pause. Gendo raises an eyebrow.
"He's got a point," Misato says, "Sohryu Doctrine for Evangelion engagement kind of suggests we need him trained. He knows about the Evas, but we never put him in a plug."
"Unfortunately, Unit 01 is combat ready," Rei responds, "Unit 00, while operation ready, is an inferior model until new parts arrive."
"We don't have time," Ritsuko says, hands in the air, "Look, we can just have Shinji sit in the plug, and it'll do the rest! We train him when it's over!"
"That's fucking retarded," Shinji yells back, turning from Akagi to his father, "I'm not trained! I got beaten up in school every day until I graduated! You want to put me in a giant robot and have it step on me, why?"
"We have no other choice."
Slapping his hand over his face, Shinji lets out a litany of curses. Rei watches, taking in the new, filthy words for future reference.
The screen beside the main diagnostic display flickers. Shinji's face appears, mid scream.
"-and stomp you until you can be FUCKING MAILED! Are you INSANE?"
"Calm down, pilot," Misato says, folding her arms, her gray uniform already showing signs of wrinkles from being worn way too many days in a row, "Just work with the plan and we'll be fine."
"Fine? Your plan had me drugged and tossed into a giant robot! This ISN'T A PLAN! This is a BAD IDEA!"
"You'll be fine," Misato explains, "Just do what we tell you to and you'll be fine."
"Miss Katsuragi, in all honesty I'm not a kid. I know bullshit when I hear it, and that requires a steam shovel. If a girl who's trained to do this since you grew her in a fucking test tube had trouble with that, how exactly is the Commander's son, who proudly states for the record that he cries like a girl when he has to get his tooth drilled, going to do any better?"
Misato turns towards the command deck. Gendo shrugs.
"Okay," she sighs, "Do you have...well, we need you to pilot. Seriously. I'm Sub Commander of NERV, after all. Anything I can do to reassure you?"
"So we're negotiating NOW?"
"Okay, fine. Here's what I want-"
"Angel is approaching Shogoki!"
Shinji turns to his side, eyes snapping wide open before the screen blinks out. Locks release around the purple giant, the Evangelion dropping from the lift and onto its stomach just as the bright pink blast flies right by where it was, ripping into the raised elevator carriage.
"Crap," Shinji mutters, gripping the controls, "Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap!"

Shinji:“Um, Asuka, how do you know how to pilot one of these things? You didn’t this morning!”
Asuka:“And I’ve had a whole morning to learn. Relax, Third, I know this beautiful beast inside and out. They’ve got some awesome learning gear around here. I’ve already had the full basic piloting and technical course zapped into my head.”
Shinji:“Wait, I don’t know anything about how to drive one of these things!”
Asuka:“And you didn’t know anything about how to pilot an Evangelion when you tore apart the third Angel. Since when has not knowing anything slowed you down?”