Quotes: Facebook

"There’s a lesson in that, too. What do such machines really do? They increase the number of things we can do without thinking. Things we do without thinking — there’s the real danger."
Siona, Heretics of Dune

"It's kind of like if the pictures in your high school yearbook came alive and went bald and said sorry."
Téodor, Achewood

"One's first year of college is informally agreed upon to be the time when people who aren't good at meeting people learn how to do that. The whole point of leaving home is to develop a real personality by making as many nonlethal mistakes as your body can handle as quickly as possible...Graduating classes from here on out will be full of people who learned how to socialize online and will act the same way in real life. H.P. Lovecraft doesn't have words for how scary that is...Skynet won't have to invent roving killbots to finish off the species. They just have to wait and we'll forget how to breed. Or read potential mate's profiles and decide we don't want to."
Cracked, "6 Scientific Reasons Social networks Are Bad For Society"

"A pair of new studies out this week indicate that Facebook makes people feel terrible about themselves and too much Twitter can lead to breakups. Is the internet a series of tubes that does nothing but suck all of the joy out of people's lives? Probably."
Erin Gloria Ryan, Jezebel

"I worked at a bunch of ad agencies when I was in my 20s, and if you've ever worked at an ad agency, you know that the most important product that an ad agency sells is itself. Every agency I worked at spared no expense when it came to building websites and paying award submission fees and producing awesome business cards... Thanks to social media, everyone can have a public face now, and that public face has to be managed. I have a public face. I have a Twitter feed and I sit there trying to think of clever shit that will make me look AWESOME because making myself look awesome presumably leads me to riches and yachts and brony parties. And if that part of your life grows large enough, pretty much everything you do is for performance, and your humanity ends up dissolving in the process."

"Web 2.0 has considerably dumbed down discourse making anything longer than 140 characters 'tl;dr'...What it means in practical terms is that corporations like Amazon.com and Facebook don't have to pay anyone to create most of their content, instead, you, the sucker with too much time on your hands create it for them. You don't even get paid for it. These corporations then add insult to injury by allowing anyone to comment on what you wrote — which tends to bring out the worst sort of anonymous sniping and character assassination — and by using the content you generated to accumulate buttloads of personal information about your interests and target you with specific advertising."
Rational Wiki

"I'm as guilty as the rest of you here, using it primarily to refashion my own sense of self-loathing and political anger into bon mots to see if I can bum a few precious 'likes' from my friends.

How the fuck did we get here? What diseased aspect of our childhood left us confusing clicking on a few pixels arranged in the shape of a human thumb with meaningful social contact? Where did we, the Nintendo generation, go wrong? How did we learn this absurd excuse for behavior?"

Phil Sandifer

"Even as someone who spends about 99% of his life on the internet, I can't spend more than 5 minutes a day on Facebook, or otherwise, I wanna go on a fucking killing spree."