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Quotes: Face Book

"It's kind of like if the pictures in your high school yearbook came alive and went bald and said sorry."
Téodor, Achewood

"The most remarkable characteristic of the Facebook people is that they've built a system without any room for negativity. An individual either "likes" something or moves on, either "joins" a group or "ignores" the invitation. There is no dissent, only silence. The one outlet they have to express indignation or hatred is through the comments, but even that resource is limited to the confusion of their stunted vocabulary and grammar."
Soren Bowie, If Columbus Had Explored the Internet

"Here's a question for you. Did you spend a lot of your childhood staring at a souped up television screen feeling bad about yourself?


Me neither. Which begs the question of why Facebook has now become the most visited site on the Internet... I'm as guilty as the rest of you here, using it primarily to refashion my own sense of self-loathing and political anger into bon mots to see if I can bum a few precious 'likes' from my friends.

How the fuck did we get here? What diseased aspect of our childhood left us confusing clicking on a few pixels arranged in the shape of a human thumb with meaningful social contact? Where did we, the Nintendo generation, go wrong? How did we learn this absurd excuse for behavior?"

Phil Sandifer

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