Quotes / Director Displacement

"M. Night Shyamalan continues his descent into directorial mediocrity with After Earth. But unlike his previous efforts, the marketing for the film made little to no mention of his involvement. In fact, he seems to have been reduced to mostly a hired gun, adapting a story that Will Smith came up with in his continued quest to turn his son Jaden into a movie star."

"Krome, SEGA, THQ, Pandemic, they all had studios based here, and all of them have closed their doors. But all the people who worked there didn't just vanish into smoke. Most of them have formed indie teams and are doing perfectly well in smaller-scale development... But that being the case, what use is branding a game with the studio's logo, as an indicator of quality? Or the publisher's. It reminds me of how for a while every single animated movie that came out of Dreamworks was labeled "FROM THE PRODUCERS OF SHREK!" Well, what the fuck has that got to do with the quality of this film? They're also the producers of Shark Tale, and that was made AFTER Shrek, so the only thing that proves is that they aren't getting any better with practice."